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Release Notes - August 2020

by David Goldfarb Updated on

August 12 release

What's New - App Builder

  • Listcombo Fields have a new option: Use Facet Filtering. This makes the Listcombo available for the new filtering ​mode described below.
  • The "Used In" section for Actions now includes use by an Earn Badge. If you try to delete an Action that's being used in an Earn Badge, we now throw an error.
  • The Batch Processes grid now contains links to relevant items:
    • ​​The app where a bulk action was run
    • The list that was imported​
    • The app that a list was synchronized to, and the list that was synchronized
    • The business rule that ​ran as a daily schedule, and the app dashboard of its app​
    • The transaction where a Sync Data Action was triggered
  • Jobs on the Batch Processes grid will now have a status of "Errors" if errors were found, instead of just always saying "Completed".
  • When you click through into a batch process job detail grid, each line item will indicate a Succeeded or Failed status.
  • Sync Data Actions will now be better about recording errors in the Batch Process record.

What's New - End User

  • ​There's a new way to filter Combo and Listcombo fields. You can toggle between them with a "Mode" control at the top of the dashboard grid.

"Advanced" mode is the way filtering has been done up to now: type in a string to get matches for it; prepend a ! to exclude instead of include; support for regular expressions."Simple" mode instead lists the possible values for the field, and lets you select them by checking boxes:

You can type in the Search bar to filter down the list of options.

Once options are selected, if you re-open the filtering dialog they'll appear in a separate section:

You can include Records where the Field is empty by selecting (blank).For Listcombo Fields, there's an option to include or exclude your selections:

Note: the selections here will only be the ones configured in the system. If the Field can accept custom input, then filtering for the custom values must be done using Advanced mode.

Also, for Listcombo Fields that might have many possible values, only the first 300 will be available to select.

This type of filtering also becomes available for three system Fields: 



Last Action

  • ​When you filter Date and Datetime Fields, there's now a checkbox labeled "Show only empty values".

When this is checked, as you might expect, the grid filters down to rows that have no date set.

  • Numeric Fields (Currency, Multicurrency, Integer, and Decimal) get a similar checkbox.
  • There have been a number of enhancements when you're exporting a grid to Excel.
    • We now allow you a free choice of what the file name will be. (It will default to your app name plus the date, but you can change it.)
    • The top row will by default have white text on an Onit blue background. (If you don't like that, select "Plain Format".)
    • When the grid has grouping applied, you can have the spreadsheet likewise separate​ the data into groups. Select "Include" under "Grouping".
    • When exporting with grouping included, you can have rows inserted that give totals for numeric fields: subtotals for each group, and/or the total for the whole grid. The rows for totals will be formatted with a light gray background by default, or have no formatting if you select "Plain Format".
    • DateTime Fields are stored as UTC, and contain time to the minute, not to the second. So when you export, and see something like 2015-07-04T21:30:00+00:00, everything past the second colon is useless. The entry in the spreadsheet is now simpler:
      2015-07-04 21:30
  • When our user interface runs into an error it can't cope with, the message screen will now contain an ID. Providing this ID to support staff will help us to diagnose the problem.

Resolved Issues - App Builder

  • If your user profile has filtering that affects the plus icon menu in a suite, that filtering no longer causes problems when using the "Plus Button Items" node in the suites Designer.
  • The grid on the Batch Processes node in the system administration now has paging that works.
  • Fixed an issue where Earn Badge Actions that ran in the background would lose the ability to get information about the current user.​
  • Fixed an issue where configuring a Manage Participant Action was difficult to do in corporations that have a large number of users.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause daily schedule jobs which had a minor failure to re-run and send out extra notifications.
  • Fixed an issue with Sync Data Actions that could cause the numbers displayed for a run to be misleading.
  • Earn Badge actions that run into a Stale Object Error will now attempt to retry instead of failing silently.​

Resolved Issues - End User

  • You may have noticed that when you first log in, you ​​​sometimes see text like "dehaze" or "add_circle" on the page layout where icons should be. We've arranged for that no longer to happen.
  • UI Actions that update the value of Date Fields now respect localized date formats.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering numeric fields on the dashboard grid when the locale setting uses a comma (,) as a decimal separator.
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