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Release Notes - January 2024

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Available on Release - End User

What's New

  • Grids that are backed by a Filtered Dataview will now have a "Restore View" button that allows users to return to the original configured data view after making changes.

App Creator

What's New

  • When a badge is looping through child badges, each child badge is completed in its own transaction. This is so that if the worker gets interrupted mid-work on a badge and then gets restarted the work is not duplicated and the actions for the badge are only ever run once. Note: When Earn Badge is doing a direct action, there is a checkbox in Earn Badge that when checked will Run Actions in Single Transaction.
  • A new type of Filter has been added called Role Filter. This will allow for filtering for users with specific roles in the app. On configuration of the Filter, there is a dropdown of operators:
    • "Any" means users that have at least one of the selected roles.
    • "All" means users that have every selected role. The user can also have additional roles that are not selected.
    • "None" means users that don't have any of the selected roles.
  • Parameterized Actions (such as Manage Participant) can now be used in Action buttons in conjunction with other Actions. The Parameterized Action must be placed in the first spot of the Action Button. Actions after the parameterized action are not run until the parameterized action completes.
  • The Query Performance Tool will now show when an index or shadow table was added for the app.  
  • The new Role Type "Custom Read Only" grants users read-only access and prevents them from posting comments.
  • A Shared Liquid block has been added to the Update Tags Using List Lookup UI action to make it easier to reuse Liquid. It is a best practice to store common Liquid in the Shared Liquid section as it is more performant. 

Resolved Issues

  • Initial Parameters can now be passed into Cascading List Combos (CLCs).
  • [Forms Builder] Fixed an issue where Cascading List Combos (CLCs) levels would filter on themselves and not show all options when a user was editing.
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