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Release Notes - September 2021

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What's New - App Creator

  • You can now preview a Raw Transaction Filter while you're creating it. Click the Preview button to get a look at the transaction grid of your app with your filter applied.
  • When you're using list synchronization to create or update app data, up till now having a blank value in the list would delete any value in that field, in an updated transaction. Now there's an option to ignore blank entries in the list.

Check this box to preserve data in an updated transaction where the list has a blank.

  • Create Related buttons have two new configuration options, off by default:
    • Include Documents copies documents from the parent transaction.
    • Include Deactivated Participants allows copying of participants that are deactivated users — as opposed to "Exclude copy of participants", which excludes everybody. So if you leave both of these unchecked, then the button will copy a participant, but make sure it's one that's an active user.
  • App Widgets can now be reordered with a drag and drop, similar to business rules or buttons.
  • A validation has been put in place that tests of notifications can only go to one email address. If you try to save corporation settings or app settings with more than one address in "Notification Test Email" you'll get an error.
  • The Auth Providers section of Global Configuration now supports Microsoft SMTP OAuth2.
  • The Advanced tab for all fields now includes a checkbox labeled "Exclude from Migration", which can be used to flag fields that should be excluded from staging tables.

What's New - End User

  • When you click the "Expand" button on an app panel that is displaying content such as a BillingPoint invoice, the panel will now preserve any work you've done in it.
  • When you see a drop down menu, and you have a selection highlighted, and you press Tab, focus will shift to the next field; and your selection will now populate the field as though you'd clicked on it.
  • In transaction view pages with multiple tabs, the tab you've selected will now have its title highlighted in your corporation's primary color.
  • If you're using the Outlook plug-in, and you click on another email but have not pinned the taskbar, now when you open the taskbar again it won't make you log in again.
  • When there are no available views to load, the view selector will now hide.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Newly created Actions of type "Manage Participant (Parametrized)" can again be used to replace transaction Requesters.
  • In the security audit page, the grid of apps now has pagination working correctly.
  • The download button for health checks of app package import or export went wandering; we've corralled it and put it back where it belongs.
  • elapsed_days and days_since_activity are now available in Liquid in Postgres mode.
  • The dialog box from widget_atom_link_popup now honors the system color setting for link color.
  • Saved data views will now remember whether the form label setting was Truncate or Wrap.
  • Transactions created through the Sync Data To Transactions Action will now have a value in the Last Action field.
  • Putting a filter in the transaction grid of the Liquid preview editor that reduces it to no rows, then clearing the filter, no longer results in an error.
  • The Debugger/Logger in Postgres mode now shows Transaction ID and Context ID in the same places where they show in Mongo.
  • Fixed an issue where atoms created by Sync Data To Transactions could have incorrect histories.
  • Fixed an issue where app duplication via data paste could fail if the app has Conditional Compound Actions.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • When Actions require a comment, the comment will now go just to the people you designate, instead of to everyone who is a participant on the transaction.
  • When you've got a dialog box open to make a comment, pressing Escape will again cause it to close.
  • A right-hand checkbox label that is longer than the display box will now be truncated instead of just running right outside (and letting several other kinds of label do the same).
  • Dragging a file onto the comment post box will again start up a comment with that file already attached, as it used to.
  • The dialog box to add a participant to a transaction will now stay one size as you use it, instead of getting wider and thinner.
  • BelongsTo Field data now shows inline or vertical, consistent with other Fields on the view page, instead of being always vertical.
  • Multicurrency fields in editable grids no longer show a yellow triangle (denoting unsaved changes) when there have not been any changes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause typing a date into a Date Field (instead of using the picker) to have lag.
  • When you upload a profile photo, the button to remove the photo will be visible immediately instead of you having to navigate away and back.
  • Several resolved issues with the new Outlook plug-in:
    • There was a Logout button at the top that didn't actually log you out. Now you'll see a Logout button at the bottom that does. (The button at the top is still there for now, but don't use it.)
    • If you were on an email that was linked to a transaction, and your session expired, and then you tried to navigate somewhere else, after you re-authenticated the plugin would lose track of what you were doing and just put you on the linked transaction again. We've improved its memory.
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