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Release Notes - June 2021

by David Goldfarb Updated on

June 17 release

What's New - App Creator

  • The process of adding participants to records has received a major upgrade. In the Designer, under Global Configuration, you will now see a new node labeled "Participant Providers".

Participant providers come in three kinds:

  • System Users Participant Provider:  this is the "backwards compatible" option, that works the way things used to. It provides all active system users, plus the contents of a list named Directory. Every corporation has one of these named "All System Users", which can't be deleted; you can also create new ones.
  • Transaction List Participant Provider:  as you might guess from the name, this uses a Transaction List Provider. You select from the fields present in the TLP which one will contain users' email addresses, and which one their names. If the app which backs the TLP has Raw Transaction Filters, you can apply them, and they will limit which users can be selected.
  • App Participant Provider  Only available for corporations in Postgres mode, this uses the data from transaction records without even needing to set up a Transaction List Provider. Here too, Raw Transaction Filters can be applied.

Each Participant Provider has a "Used In" section containing links to the Actions and Buttons that are configured with it.

  • Both Manage Participant Actions and Add Participant Buttons can now be set to exclude certain app roles, which then won't show in the role menu when end users use them.
  • An Add Participant Button that uses a System Users Participant Provider, now has a checkbox marked "Disable New System User Entry", as you can see above. Currently, anyone using an Add Participant Button can create a new system user, by typing in an unknown email address and giving a name. Checking this box will prevent that from happening.
  • A new system field called "Last Actor Email" shows the email address of the last user to act on a record. It shows on the dashboard grid, and is accessible in Liquid as last_actor_email.
  • When you're configuring a widget in the suite editor, you can now create or edit a data view "on the fly".
  • The Liquid editor in the Designer recently added the ability to add generic Liquid functions that you save yourself. To that menu we've now added templates for some other useful Liquid syntax.
  • Rest Request Actions can now parse responses and map them to app Fields. A new area in configuration called "Response Field Mapping" lets you select Fields and enter Liquid.
  • There is a new version of the NetDocuments Workspace Action. The older version is now hidden; existing instances will still work but newly created Actions will be of the new type.
  • If you create a Checkbox Field with a right label showing and the left side label hidden, and add a tooltip, the tooltip will now attach to the right label.
  • In Postgres mode only, a new Liquid object named phase_metrics allows access to a record's phase history.
  • The topmost Field in a Cascading Listcombo hierarchy can now be populated with an Initial Value.
  • Here are some CSV files of translation keys introduced in the New Look, for Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish:

What's New - New Look

  •  All environments and users will be switched to the New Look by default. Users who have the end-user toggle in the top right corner will be able to go back and forth between the Old Look and New Look until the next platform release.

More details can be found here: Onit's New Look

•   In Administration > Corporation Settings > Beta Features, there is now an option to hide the end-user toggle, forcing all users to use the New Look.

  • In Administration > Corporation Settings > Theme, there is a new system color: "Record Label Color" is the color of the Field labels on a transaction's view page.
  • Corporation logos were reverted back to the middle for the June Release. In July/August release, the logo will be moved back to the far left as part of a primary header update.

Resolved Issues - New Look

  • Fixed an issue where a "Field is required" message could be visible over a drop down menu.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the "Edit Participant" link hard to click on.
  • Fixed an issue where the confirmation popup window for deleting a list used in many places wouldn't scroll.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Rest Request actions now support use of characters such as &, which previously were turned into HTML entities.
  • Extension panels now enforce required configuration fields.

Resolved Issues - End Users

  • The new "bulk download of attachments" feature was failing if one or more of the records involved had two attached documents with identical names. (This was configured to happen in some contract management apps.) Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Edit" link in a matter atom widget would cause fields to appear in the view page that normally would only appear in the launch form.
  • Fixed an issue which caused app panel tabs to disappear then reappear while a transaction was loading.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Multicurrency fields to display an error around currency codes in an anonymous launch form, even when a currency code was present.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where an Excel export done right after changing the order of columns in the grid would use the old order instead of the new one.
  • Fixed an issue with Combo Fields styled as buttons, where clicking on a drop down menu that covered up the button could wind up clicking the button too.
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