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Release Notes - May 2020

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What's New - App Builder

  • We've added new options to the Action Set Delegates For User, so that the delegate need not see the delegator's Records when filtering by My Transactions or My Pending Work.
  • App creators are now prevented from saving duplicate Field tags.
  • Update Transaction Actions that set Multiselect Fields can now do so using JSON format.
  • When a system admin goes to the Deleted Transactions node in an App's Designer, they can now see who did the deletion.
  • When automatic daily jobs encounter an error, they now log the error and try to keep going, instead of just stopping.
  • System administrators can now cancel daily jobs from within the UI, or set failed ones to try again.

What's New - End User

  • Instead of just saying "Onit" all the time, your browser tab now has information about what suite item or App you're in. If you have multiple tabs open, this will make it much easier to tell what you're doing in which. It will also make looking at your browser history to find someplace you've been much easier.
  • The general information panel in a transaction has a new refresh icon at the top right.

Previously if you wanted to update the information in the panel, you had to do a hard browser refresh. Now you can click this icon and get an update more painlessly.

  • We've improved the layout of the dialog box that appears when you add a new participant, so that the Roles drop down menu no longer blocks the Submit button.
  • And when a Record is deleted and then restored, that is now recorded in the Record history.

Resolved Issues - App Builder

  • Fixed an issue where an SMTP Credentials auth provider with a custom From line configured prevented emails from being sent out by Send Report and Multi Report actions.
  • When you create an Action Button and use it to create an Action "on the fly", after saving the action if you navigate away without saving the button itself, you will now be warned and have to confirm — instead of losing your button configuration.
  • Fixed an issue for system admins in the Undeletion page, where the confirmation popup for undeleting Records had some strange wording.
  • Clicking the Copy button on an Action or Condition no longer causes the original configuration to act as though you've made an edit.
  • Fixed an issue with the suites editor where the existence of a portal widget with bad Liquid could prevent loading configuration for any widget.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to change tabs in the Wizard before it fully loads could cause an error.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • We've restored the ability to select an inactive user as "Old User" for a remove or replace operation in a Manage Participants dialog box.
  • Fixed the graphical time picker for DateTime Fields so that the hands land where you click and not some distance away.
  • When a notification email goes out with international characters in the subject line, the subject line will now display correctly in the Record history.
  • If you're on an App dashboard inside a suite, and you click the plus button, when the App doesn't have custom wording defined for its launch link you'll now see "Launch" again instead of the strange words that were briefly appearing.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the grid associated with a suite table widget to not load when opened in a new tab.
  • Users in the Eastern Hemisphere who group an App dashboard by a Date Field will no longer see a group header with a value one less than it should be.
  • Fixed the graphical time picker for DateTime Fields so that the hands land where you click.
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