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Release Notes - January 2024 Minor Release

by Alex Heath Updated on

Available on Release - End User

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where Filtered Dataviews would sometimes show the wrong data.
  • Anonymous users can submit attachments on launch forms.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking into a Suite Widget could cause an error.

App Creator

Resolved Issues

  • The new Refresh Transaction action now also updates which app panel tabs are displaying on the record page that is refreshed.
  • Packaging Imports are now successful even when there is a packaging failure when the import tries to remove a business rule on the target subdomain.
  • Suite export of pie chart widgets no longer produces an error when extra data is included in the export file.
  • Resolved the issue causing the Reminder Filter to no longer return results. 
  • During packaging, Field Mappings in Sync Data action are correctly imported.
  • Improved the support integration for the Convert List to JSON action.
  • [Forms Builder] The correct formlet displays when using the transaction navigation button.
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