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Release Notes - November 2022

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What's New - App Creator

  • Query Stats Tool Enhancements:
    • Indexes can now be created for system fields
    • Indexes will show when they were created and how often they have been used
    • Manually created indexes will be displayed in the Query Dashboard
  • GraphQL Queries can now be run with System Admin permission context
  • Public Views can now have their own Embedded Grid Form assignment
  • Rest Requests Will Handle Empty Response Bodies

What's New - End User

  • Bulk Import - System Admins can now allow individual users to Bulk Create and Bulk Update records via spreadsheet import
    • System Admins can visit the new Bulk Import page in an app’s Advanced Designer to enable this functionality. From here they can select which users should have this ability and which fields should be allowed in Bulk Create and/or Bulk Update scenarios.
    • Users who are granted permission for Bulk Import will see a new “Bulk Import” option on the app’s Main Dashboard page
    • Clicking Importwill open a menu with the following options:
      • Download Import Spreadsheet – Will generate a template for import based on the fields selected by the System Admin
      • Import Records – will walk the user through a flow to attach their spreadsheet and review information
    • Note: Records created via Bulk Import will not execute any UI Actions so it is important to only enable and use this feature if your process does not require the execution of UI Actions. Business Rules will still execute as if these were manual updates.
  • Users who are out of office will have "Out of Office" displayed next to their names on the comment modal
  • Comments modal can now be expanded to allow for more room to view your comment text

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • ​Fixed memory bloat that could occur due to the Generate Spreadsheet Action
  • Addressed performance problems when loading App Images or Suites
  • HTMLFields will not ignore regex validators
  • Fixed an issue where having "ALL" in a Run Action on Transactions filter would hurt performance
  • Fixed an issue where accessing "{{comment}}" would clear out the changes hash

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Fixed styling issues with Group Headers on Grids
  • Password Reset will now inform Users if their new password doesn’t match criteria
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