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Release Notes - September 2022

by David Goldfarb Updated on

September 13 Release

What's New — App Creator

  • Under the Behavior section in an app's Settings, there's a new option: Disable Comments Functionality.

Check this box to remove the Post Comments box from transaction view pages. Any existing comments will still be shown.

  • When a user is logged in via OTT, their email will show up in the Onit Logs in addition to that of the user that they've logged in as. The log will include the user email (ex: [email protected]), user name (ex: Admin), and the OTT user email (ex: [email protected]). 
  • The Transaction List Provider configuration page will now show where the list provider is used, in Listcombo Fields and list-backed Multiselects.
  • A new Liquid filter email_to_system_roles allows you to find out whether a user is a system administrator.
    {{ "[email protected]" | email_to_system_roles }} will return "System Administrator" if this address is a user that has the System Administrator role, and otherwise will return nothing.
  • Send Report Actions now have a Layout control, similar to the one in Send Notification.
  • The detail page for a list now includes an Update button. If you want to change a list, you no longer need to delete it then re-upload: you can simply go to the list detail page, click Update, and select your spreadsheet file.

Note that this does mean that you no longer get to delete lists that are in use.

  • After a user submits an anonymous launch form, you can now have them see a custom message. From Form Buttons choose the Save and Go to option, select Modal Message from the Go To dropdown, and put your message in the Message field. You can use Liquid.

Note that the previous "Message" option is now renamed to "Toast Message".

What's New — End User

  • If you normally see suite navigation options in your left hand bar, when you go to your profile page to upload a picture you'll now continue to see them.

Resolved Issues — App Creator

  • Users who have the App Creator role will no longer get a full-screen error when they try to go to the Designer of an app whose access level is set to Restricted.
  • Fields of type Displayfield and Displaytext that get created with a regex validator attached will no longer throw an error on transaction creation. However, this is still not a supported configuration. 
  • ID field can be added to a Grid Multiselect without causing an error. 
  • Users can remove a participant from the Manage Participant Action without any errors.  

Resolved Issues — End User

  • Fixed an issue which was causing meeting invitees in the Send Calendar Invitation action to receive two emails.
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