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Release Notes - Feb. 2020

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What's New: App Creator

  • App Designer will now warn you of unsaved changes before allowing you to navigate away from the page.

  • App Designer will now prevent you from deleting a Condition being used in a Button, Action, or Business Rule.

  • To help with organization, Conditions now have a 'Used In' section that alerts you where the Condition is being used.

  • The 'Used In' section is now expanded by default.  

  • The 'Used In' section now allows you to expand Conditional Compound Actions and Looped Actions. Click on the name of the CCA or Looped Action to see the configuration in a popup window.

  • Conditional Compound Actions now have an "Enabled" checkbox. Unchecking this box prevents the Action from being triggered by a Business Rule. This allows you to have individual control of all Actions within a Business Rule.
  • The JSON Web Token Auth Provider can now be used with the Update Fields from Store UI Action.

  • The add_days, subtract_days, add_business_days, and subtract_business_days Liquid filters now try to convert a string into a number, instead of throwing an error.

  • List imports now show up in the 'Batch Processes' node of the Administration page. You can view the details of the job progress and any errors. The job can also be cancelled from the same page. 

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • The 'Sidebar Items' node in the new Suites Designer is no longer affected by the user's suite navigation items preference.

  • When choosing an icon for a 'Plus Button Items' menu item, the icon is now available for preview.

  • The App Changes log in App Designer no longer resets sorting or filtering on page refresh.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Apps with many Records and one or more Inherited Roles will now load the grid faster when filtered by 'My Transactions' or 'My Pending Work'.

  • Fixed an issue where having data in a Multiselect Field would cause file attachment via drag and drop to fail.

  • When grouping a dashboard grid by a Date or DateTime Field, groups that have an empty Field will now be labeled '(None)' instead of 'Invalid Date'.
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