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Release Notes - October 2021

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October 19 release

What's New - App Creator

  • A new type of atom widget allows you to put an iframe at the top of your transaction view pages.
  • Likewise, a new type of suite widget for your widget dashboards can hold an iframe.
  • And a new type of app panel lets you display HTML that you configure, similar to a portal widget but in a tab instead of at the top of the view page.
  • The button_link Liquid filter now has a new optional parameter that makes the button open its link in a new tab. Add "true": {{ 'Click here' | button_link: 'https://onit.com', true }}
  • The Action "Manage Participant (Parametrized)" now includes Requester as an option for role replacement. If you don't want your users to be able to replace the Requester, remember that you can go to the action configuration and exclude that role.
  • A new node in Administration has a log of sent emails. It shows the date sent, and has links to the main dashboard of the app that did the sending, the individual record from which sending was triggered, and the configuration for the notification Action. There are two configuration options for this in Corporation Settings:
    • On the Company Details tab, set how many days the log will retain data, from 1-60 days with a default of 30.
    • On Security, you can check a box to have the log retain the body of emails. (Note that this is not recommended in production environments.)
  • By default, JWT auth providers will now respect the corporation session timeout: if you try to set a timeout for the JWT that is longer, you'll get an error.

    If you feel you really must have a JWT auth provider with a longer timeout, you can go to the Security tab in Corporation Settings, and check a box which allows this. Any such auth provider will now show up on a tab in the Security Audit node.
  • Only users who are logged in via OTT can now change whether or not a field is used in the Datawarehouse. (Note: if your corporation doesn't allow access via OTT, but you need to make such a change, contact the support team.)
  • Fields used in Datawarehouse are now prevented from being deleted, or having their names changed.
  • The Data Warehouse node in the Designer no longer has a "Refresh Data Warehouse" button. (It didn't actually do anything.)

What's New - End User

  • For Fields that contain strings (i.e.: Text, Textarea, Email), when you click into the filtering area, you'll now see a new helper menu for various possible options. These include:
    • Exact: for when you know the exact string you're searching for. Note that this becomes case sensitive — a search for "approved" won't find "Approved". This type of search gives better performance, especially in apps with a large number of records.
    • Regex: enter a regular expression beginning with #, just as you might have done previously.
    • Excluding: returns all records where this field doesn't contain what you enter.
    • Starts With: records where the entry has your search string at the start.
    • Ends With: ...or at the end.
    • Contains: the basic, default type of search, with your search string appearing anywhere.
    • Is Blank
    • Is Not Blank: hopefully these two are self-explanatory.

The menu remembers which one you used last in a given field and gives you that as your first choice next time.

  • Until now, all widgets would load whenever you went to a dashboard. There'd always be a lag before you saw anything useful. Now, once you've loaded various widgets for the first time, if you then leave the dashboard and come back to it, you get to see the same things again while the widget reloads. There's also an icon indicating that the reloading is happening. This applies to counter widgets as well as line, bar, series, and pie charts.
  • Excel exports now include a column of links to the associated transactions. Click on the link, have the transaction open for you in a browser tab.
  • Column widths in Excel exports will now more closely match the widths you set on the grid before you did your export.
  • All users can now export to CSV, not just admins.
  • A grid export with more than 5000 rows will now take place in the background, allowing you to continue working while the export completes.
  • If you try to upload an attached file that is too large, you'll now see an error message to help you know what went wrong.
  • Transaction cards in the new Outlook plugin now show when the transaction was created and last updated, as well as its phase if applicable.
  • Fields that hold attached files can now be included in the Outlook plugin, and users can download the files directly from the card in Outlook.
  • Editable grids now support Date Fields.
  • In the /apps home page, space has been added between the rows of tiles, to make it more clear which label goes with which tile.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • In Postgres mode, you can now replace a participant using the Action"Manage Participant (Parametrized)", and have that operation fire both Participant Deleted and Participant Added business rules, without running into an "attempted to update stale object" error.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Views in Postgres mode would not remember whether they were supposed to truncate column header labels or wrap them.
  • The Access Report grid can now be filtered.
  • The buttons in the Liquid editor that put in if, for, and assign tags no longer add one extraneous space at the end of them.
  • Fixed an issue where a problem running corporation-wide Health Check would prevent migration to Postgres mode.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where Reminder Filters could fail when used with times converted to seconds since 1970.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause batch processes to be marked as complete when they weren't yet quite complete.
  • DocuSign Post Request actions no longer break Health Check.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • When a tab is selected whose title is long enough to wrap, the title underlining on the upper lines no longer clashes with the text in the lower lines.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause Listcombo values in simple filtering not to be sorted alphabetically.
  • Fields that take email addresses now throw an error when something is entered that begins with a special character (such as <).
  • Fixed an issue where after setting a filter, then clearing it with the "Clear All Filters" button, you could not then set the same filter again.
  • The left navigation drawer now works on small screen sizes.
  • The New Look added an option to put text in the header instead of the + icon. But when this was done, the drop down menu would be way the heck over on the left, instead of lined up. We've rounded up that menu and put it back where it should be.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Manage Participant Action to hang up.
  • Clicking on a pie chart slice marked "null" now shows you the transactions that have null data in the pie slice field, instead of a blank grid.
  • Fixed an issue with filtering of MultiCurrency fields, where a filter by currency type couldn't be removed.

October 25 Release

What's New - App Creator

  • In Administration, under Corporation Settings | Features, there's now a checkbox labeled "Enable Direct Download of Excel Exports". Check this box if you want to turn off export in the background with a link sent via email, and go back to the previous behavior where export takes place in the foreground (and users can't do anything else until it's done).

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Fixed an issue where a UI Action that throws a validation error would cause a full-screen error message.
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