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Release Notes – February 2023

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What's New - App Creator

  • Button groups provide the organization of buttons on the atom/record view (similar to the More Actions drop-down button).
    • Buttons cannot be assigned to more than one button group
    • Button group conditions are prioritized over individual button conditions
    • New buttons can be created and immediately added to a group from the button group form
    • Button groups are listed below all individual buttons on the left-hand panel and cannot be reordered to be above an individual button
button group
  • Unable to delete a user because they're participants on records? Now we will present you with a list of records the user is a participant on.
  • CCA, Earn Badge, and RAT Actions will now be logged in Cloudwatch.
  • Updated the Sync Data Action to better handle duplicates (we will only take the last duplicate).
  • Added a checkbox on Synchronize List to prevent the firing of Business Rules.
  • Added an Enforce Security Option to Tabs so the tab information will not be returned in API calls if the tab is hidden.
  • Appbuilders can now specify what role a user should be on the parent app in order to get a role on the child app. The granular Inherited Role will help reduce the need for config workarounds that can cause performance issues.
Inherited role
  • System Admins can now set a custom logo for the login page.

What's New - End User

  • Users can attach and upload multiple files on a single comment.
post a comment
  • In Recently Viewed, the values from the "Field to display in Favorites/Recents" is displayed to the right of the app name.
recently viewed
  • Bulk Updates now send an email upon completion.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • Improved atom load-time when Transaction Navigation Buttons is enabled.
  • Files are still available after a non-system admin erroneously deletes a file from the attachment field.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • Drilling into a chart that is filtered by a data view now brings you to an atom grid with the same filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong form could be presented to a user when multiple forms were available on the page.
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