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Release Notes – February 2022

by David Goldfarb Updated on

February 17 release

What's New - App Creator

  • Multiselect Fields now have a new UI option: a sortable and filterable grid. This makes it easier to select large numbers of items at a time.

This new UI is only available for Multiselects that are backed by a list, and specifically by a Transaction List Provider. In other cases you won't see this "UI Type" control. It's also only available in corporations that use Postgres mode.

When you select "Grid" you'll see several new controls.

Popup Instructions: The new UI displays a grid in a popup window. Text here will display at the top of that grid; as the name suggests, this is a place where you can give them helper text.

Full Grid Display: Use this control to create the user interface when your user opens up the grid to make selections. Choose which columns they'll see and in what order.

Grid Display on Form: Here you choose what columns will display on the view page, and on the launch form after selections have been made.

(Note that grouping is not implemented for these displays, so although these controls seem to allow grouping, selecting grouping won't do anything.)

See the note further down under "What's New - End User" for information about the end user experience.

  • A “Hide Labels” checkbox has been added to the configuration form of Pie Charts. When checked, labels will not show over a slice until the user hovers over the slice.
  • Action Buttons have a new settings checkbox "Display URL After Complete".

When this box is checked, if they were successful (no errors), then after the action or actions complete, a new browser tab will open with the URL specified below. You can use Liquid to construct the URL.

URLs must be external, and must begin with http or https.

  • When the “Require Comment” setting is checked on an Action Button then an optional text field will appear where the App Builder can hardcode text that will be prefixed to user-entered required comments.

Note: when you use this feature, you must check "Hide when Outlook Client" also.

  • Bulk Actions can now be forced to always execute in the background. When this option is selected and the user selects a Bulk Action to execute, they will see a dialog box where they can enter an email address; on completion that address will receive a notification.
  • Business Rule reordering can now be tracked in App Changes.
  • You can now disable entire categories of Business Rules.

When a category is unchecked, no rule of that type will ever be triggered. Individual rules retain their enabled or disabled status, so if you check the box again, now enabled rules will fire and disabled ones will not.

  • You can now prevent records in an app from appearing in a user's "Recently Viewed" menu. In Settings, under Behavior, there is now a checkbox "Include in recents".

Uncheck this box to exclude records from the drop down.

  • You can now remove the "Select all fields" option from the column selector on the dashboard grid. On Settings, under Appearance, at the bottom there's now a checkbox for this.
  • The Send Report Action now has new, optional fields to control the From: line of the sent report.
  • The HTML tag "details" has been added to the tag whitelist. You can use it to create a collapsible menu.
  • System administrators can now get an Excel export of all user groups along with their members.
  • Company logos can no longer be uploaded to Assets, only in Corporation Settings → Theme.
  • When the Outlook plugin is enabled, the URL for the manifest file will now display on the Settings node of apps' Designers.

What's New - End User

  • Some Multiselect fields can now be set to have a grid interface in a dialog box instead of a drop down menu.

Click on "Select" to bring up the dialog box. You'll see a grid with columns that can be sorted and filtered, just like an app dashboard grid.

When you click "Add Selected", the items are placed in the lower box, where you can remove them if you like.

Once you click "Confirm Selection" the popup will be dismissed and you'll see your selections in a grid on the launch form; this may be a simpler grid.

"View All Selected" now brings back the full grid, and "Edit Selection" lets you add or subtract more items.

  • If your corporation has an Invoices app, you may have noticed a new look for the invoice display. As of this release, if you select the new look, the invoice view will now default to showing that look when you open an invoice record.
  • You can now execute any Bulk Action in the background, regardless of the number of rows selected. The regular confirmation dialog box for the Bulk Action will now have a checkbox for this.

If you check the box, a field will appear where you can enter the address where you want to get the notification that the action is complete.

Note that some bulk action buttons may be set to always run in the background, and if this is set then you won't see the checkbox.

  • If your corporation has a logo showing in the top left, you can now click on that logo, and you are taken to the page that you land on when you first log in.
  • When an Action button on a record's view page would delete that record, you now must confirm that you want to delete.

Resolved Issues - App Creator

  • When you go to the Sent Emails node in admin, and pull up the details of an email, it will show the date and time that the email was sent, instead of claiming that the email was sent at the current date and time.
  • The grid of records that you see when configuring a Data View has more space now. This makes it easier to confirm that your Data View captures the records you want, and fixes some issues with configuring filters.
  • When you click "Print" on a record view page, the printable form will now include your company logo, and the current date and time.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where an email landing in a record would not trigger recalculation of the record.
  • Raw Transaction Filters in Postgres mode now support filter types "page" and "paginate" as well as "paging".

Resolved Issues - End User

  • App launch forms no longer have extra white space at the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue where applying an "Is Blank" text filter, clearing it, then trying to put it back didn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where applying "preformatted text" formatting in an HTMLfield could cause text to break the boundaries of the enclosing panel.
  • When filtering a text field using Regex, a very long filter string will no longer flow out of the text box, but instead will remain inside the box and scroll.
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