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Release Notes - February 2021

by David Goldfarb Updated on

February 12 release

What's New - App Builder

  • The "Used In" section for an Action now expands to include Run Action on Transactions.
  • The Find or Create Related Transaction Action now has a Field Updates section with a Shared Liquid block, similar to the one in Update Transaction.
  • Health Check now finds bad mappings in inherited roles. (This can occur if one of the fields used in the mapping gets renamed.)
  • Newly created apps will now default to Simple filtering mode on the grid.
  • The Debugger from the gear icon in the header will now have a limited height and will scroll when needed.​
  • Portal widgets can now take a Condition, which will control whether the portal widget displays on the transaction view page.
  • Fields of type DocumentFolder can no longer have their names changed.

What's New - End User

  • Required fields ​are no longer underlined in red when they first load. You'll now see the red underline only if you focus on the field and then move away from it without filling it in.
  • The refresh icon on the Details panel of a transaction's view page will now cause app panels to refresh also.
  • If you click on a navigation drawer item that would take you outside of your current suite, the link will open in a new browser tab.
  • If you select all transactions on the current page and then apply a bulk action, you may now if you wish have the action take place in the background, with an email sent to you when the operation is complete. You are no longer forced to wait for the action to complete before being able to do other things.​
  • A pie chart that includes transactions that don't have data in the Field used to make the pie slices will now indicate this in the legend with the notation "(blank)".
  • In Postgres mode, links to transactions will now load on a dashboard grid ahead of the transaction totals or grouping. In apps with many transactions, this can reduce the time needed before the links become usable.

Resolved Issues - App Builder

  • The Actions tab in the Visualizer now correctly identifies when an Action is used in a button.
  • Making a change to a pie chart widget no longer turns off the Display Legend setting.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode with Transaction List Providers: if the TLP had a ManyToMany Field included, then transactions with a Listcombo using that TLP would not load the atom page correctly. We now exclude ManyToMany Fields from TLP configuration. (They never worked to provide anything useful anyway.)
  • Previously, in Postgres mode, after a Relate To Transaction action changing a HasMany-BelongsTo relationship, the old parent would still have a link to its former child. Now the old parent will "forget" about this.
  • Fixed an issue in Postgres mode where the Batch Status for a Sync Data Action run would be in a bad state if the invoking transaction had an error in its final phase change.

Resolved Issues - End User

  • A pie chart that includes transactions that don't have data in the Field used to make the pie slices will no longer have the color indicator for that line in the legend mashed down into the next one.
  • Clicking onto a pie slice where the label is (blank) will now take you to a grid with transactions in it, instead of a blank one.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause tabs with iManage to not load immediately.
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