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Release Notes - July 2019

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What's New: App Creator

  • When you export an App dashboard grid to Excel, and you have the grid sorted, the rows in the spreadsheet will now follow the order of your rows in the dashboard grid.

Note: Only, however, if your exported grid is 20,000 rows or fewer.

  • In the Designer, the Visualizer node now provides more information about the App's Fields.
  • The Visualizer now has a button that lets you export more information to Excel.
  • Action buttons can now contain more than one Action. Previously, if you wanted a button to fire more than one Action, you had to create a Conditional Compound Action and then assign that to the button. Now you can simply add multiple Actions to the button directly.

Note: Actions that launch a dialog box for user input can't be used in this way, and have to be the only Action on the button. 

The unsupported Actions are Approve and Reject, when the "Parametrized comment" option is selected, and Manage Participant (Parametrized).

  • Action buttons also now allow "on-the-fly" creation of both Actions and Conditions, just like Business Rules. Additionally, the Actions Earn Badge and Looped Actions now support this feature.
  • Automated spellcheck is now available in the React UI for Textarea and editable HTML Fields, as an optional feature that can be turned on by the system administrator.
  • Actions with a Body field, such as Send Notification or Send Report, can now be set to have the Body accept plain text and only render the HTML in the email when it is sent out. This is controlled by a setting in Administration called "Default Configuration Mode", which can be set to Source or WYSIWYG. (It applies to Send Comment Notification and Send External Notification, too.)
  • The Designer has a new node called "Related Apps", which creates a handy list for you of all other Apps in a corporation that have relationships with this one. You can also use the node to quickly create a new relationship.
  • The configuration page for an Action has a new "Used In" section. Open it up, and you can see immediately what Business Rules, Conditional Compound Actions, Looped Actions, and action buttons use your Action.
  • The Liquid / HTML preview editor has had several improvements:
    • When you add a new custom field, that field now shows up in the list of variables without needing to actually have a new Record created first.
    • The preview output now defaults to rendering HTML instead of giving the raw text. (The raw text is still available, if you want it.)
    • The layout is now better and more readable.
  • In Administration, the details for a user group now has a "Used In" section. Open it up, and you can see what Apps use the user group, and what actions touch it.
  • System administrators can now cancel a batch job by clicking a button from within its details page.
  • List Synchronization jobs are now included in the list of batch jobs.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Fixed an issue that interfered with rendering of button links in emails for some users.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented iframes from scrolling vertically in browsers in iOS.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause lag in displaying characters that you typed when editing a Record.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • You can now have a form button that is set to display on anonymous portal launch but not regular launch.
  • Send Calendar Invitation Actions that are set to cancel the meeting no longer throw an error.
  • Typing to filter no longer loses the first typed character when relating transactions in some ManyToMany fields.
  • When you've made changes to the App in the Wizard and save them, we now keep the focus on the Field you were working with instead of setting it back to the topmost Field.
  • Having a Looped Action without an Initial Action set no longer prevents the Visualizer node from working.
  • When configuring a Related Atoms App Panel, the Editor button for the Hidden If field now works.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating an App that had UI Actions set to run on launch: the duplicated App now gets working UI Actions also.
  • When creating a numeric aggregation, there's no longer a special separate option for MultiCurrency fields. 
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