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Release Notes - Sep. 2019

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What's New: App Creator

  • New Widget: the Data View Widget! These are a bit like the existing App Panels, it can be configured to display App Records, and be arranged according to a data view saved from the Designer.

    On the dashboard, you can change the filtering and sorting, but you can't add or remove columns. Changes you make don't save; any refresh will cause the view to revert to the base configuration. As with a table widget, there's a link at the top which will take you to a grid with the full app dashboard grid functionality.

    Data View Widget.png

  • You can now copy entire Suites using the Duplicate button. 
  • The list of variables in the Liquid preview editor now has icons next to the variable names. Click on the clipboard icon to copy that variable name to your clipboard, and then use a paste command to paste it. If you click on the icon showing {{}}, on paste the name will be surrounded by {{ }}.
  • A system administrator now has to confirm before canceling a batch process.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • If you are setting a MultiSelect Field and you type to filter, once you make a selection we now clear your typing and show all options, instead of continuing to filter.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Combo Fields set to accept custom text not to display it.
  • Fixed an issue with the column selector where dragging a field upwards in the list would not always work as expected.
  • If you make a change using an editable grid and then navigate away from the page using the browser Back or Forward buttons, we now save the change instead of reverting it.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • Fixed paging in the grids of Assets and Images in Administration.
  • If you try to create a new Suite and accidentally leave the name or display name fields blank, you now see an error message instead of a silent failure.
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