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Release Notes - June 2019

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What's New: End User

  • You can now run bulk actions on all Records of an App. When you check the "Select All" checkbox on the first page, and then pick a bulk action, you get a confirmation dialog that allows you to run the Action on all pages, not just the first. If you select this option, the Actions will run in the background, and a user of your choice will receive an email notification when the process is done.

What's New: App Creator

  • If you want to do more than one thing when an event happens, you can now put more than one Action in a Business Rules, similar to a Conditional Compound Action. Actions fire in the order they are listed in the window. You can reorder them by dragging and dropping.
  • Settings for an App now have a new option that can help the App launch form appear more quickly: Cache Metadata On Launch.

Note: This feature can cause UI Actions that run automatically when Records are launched to return the wrong data. If your App uses "UI Actions to run on launch", we recommend that you not use this setting.

  • Fields with numeric data (Integer, Decimal, Currency) now have a new option: Disable total on dashboard. When this box is checked, the sum of the field values won't be displayed at the bottom of an App dashboard grid, and you won't get subtotals in groups when there is grouping.

Note: This setting prevents suite widgets from getting this Field's sum, so if you use the Field in a counter or chart then you shouldn't turn this on.

What's New: React Designer

  • When the list of components in a node is loading, there's now a progress bar. This helps you tell whether the list hasn't loaded yet or whether there really aren't any of that component yet created.
  • App panels are no longer grouped by type, but simply listed by name, in the order the tabs appear on the Record view page. You can then control that order, by dragging items and dropping them.
  • When configuring a Conditional Compound Action, you can now add new Actions and Conditions on the fly (or edit them), just as you can when working on Business Rules.
  • When creating a calculated Field using a numeric aggregation, you previously had to set up a mapping between apps using a somewhat arcane syntax. We've now introduced a new graphical editor that makes creating aggregations much easier. When you set up your Field, on the Advanced tab you'll now find a button to click.

This brings up a dialog box where you can enter the properties you want your aggregation to have.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Fixed an issue that could cause users in a suite context to see an error message when creating a new Record.
  • Fixed an issue with App panel grids set to editable, where headers of groups would have line breaks added. Your group headers should now stay nicely on one line.
  • Setting a filter for a Checkbox Field on a dashboard grid no longer requires multiple clicks. Click "Yes" or "No" and you get what you want.
  • Checkboxes no longer toggle when you click in the whitespace at the same level. (Clicking on the right-hand or left-hand label text does still work.) This in particular helps avoid accidentally changing settings on an app's Settings page.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause a filtered Listcombo to clear after a selection was already made.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • Apps with a dash in the name can now load data view names when configuring App panels.
  • UI Actions that are set to run on launch now run on anonymous portal launch as well as regular launch.
  • If you imported a list with an underscore (_) in the name, and then re-exported it, we were stripping out the underscore on export. Now you can export lists and have your punctuation just the way you wanted it.
  • You can now have multiple "Generate Document" buttons with different templates.
  • Parametrized anonymous launch links now work with Listcombo Fields.
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