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Release Notes - May 2019

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What's New: End User

  • Charts in suites now feature dashed scale lines for better visibility.  
  • The suite navigation item Filtered Data View no longer refreshes itself when navigating away and back - instead it persists its existing state.

What's New: App Creator

  • There is a new way to navigate through Records. Checking the Transaction Navigation Buttons box on an App’s settings page will display new forward and backward navigation arrows on the top right of a Record’s detail page.  
  • You can now control where the Next and Approve and Next buttons take users. Previously, the user would always go to the next Record in their Pending Work queue. Now there is an option to use the grid order, meaning the Next or Approve and Next button will take the user to the next Record visible in the dashboard grid. The default grid order is sorted by creation date, however, this order will respect any filtering and sorting the user has applied. This option is available when configuring the Next or Approve and Next buttons.
  • A new Liquid filter, in_user_group, allows you to use an email address to determine if the user is a member of a user group. For example, this Liquid
{{ current_user.email | in_user_group: "Private Access" }}

will return true if the current user is a member of the Private Access group, and false if not.

  • A new Liquid filter, user_groups_for_user, allows you to output the user’s user group, if any, from the user’s email. For example,
{{ "[email protected]" | user_groups_for_user }}

would output: Legal Department.

  • Liquid filters used to generate a second mover form now function from within an HTMLfield These include:
    • widget_atom_link
    • widget_atom_link_popup
    • widget_atom_launch
  • The Action Rest Request now supports calls of type PATCH.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Users will now only see views they have saved.

  • When a Record is moved to Closed no further Record changes will be allowed. For example, previously it was possible to upload a new document into an Attachment Field after the Record was marked Closed, now it is prevented.

  • Firefox users can now properly reorder Conditional Compound Actions by dragging and dropping.

Resolved Issues: App Creator

  • List import columns can now be named anything without system conflict.

  • Empty text now displays property for Attachment Fields.
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