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Release Notes - Oct. 2018

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React UI is now live!

The React Designer can now be made the default in your environment. In environments that are set to use "New Home Page" and "React UI", the system administrator can turn on a setting that will take users directly to the React Designer when they edit an App. (You can still get to the Legacy UI Designer, by editing the URL in the browser bar.)

App Creator Features


  • A new beta feature called Solution Packaging has been rolled out. Solution Packaging allows an App Creator to export solutions from one environment to another environment.
  • Deleted Record Retention allows an admin to set the timeframe in days when a Record will be hard deleted by the system. The default is 30 days. The value can be set anywhere between 0 and 365 days where 0 means the Record will never be hard deleted.
  • Configured messages that appear to the user are now sticky for better readability.
  • Admin users exporting a dashboard grid can now choose to export it as a comma-seperated value file.
  • When filtering on a dashboard grid filters will automatically be applied when the user stops typing.
  • If the 'Next' button is configured in the App users can now use the 'Next' button to navigate to a pending Record.

React UI

  • Configurations that require the name of a Field now show both the Field's label and name during selection for better reference.
  • In the Wizard Fields can now be reordered by via drag and drop.
  • App changes grid defaults to date descending, instead of ascending.

Platform Enhancements

General Platform:

  • It is now possible to delete an App that has more than 101 Records.
  • Changing the Role type will now correctly update all its properties.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Record's email address to have random characters added.
  • Validation prevents an App from being saved when there is no requester role configured.
  • Validation prevents an App from being saved with the same name as another App already in use.

React UI

  • A timeline widget can now load more than 200 Records. It will now load 500 Records at a time in buffered fashion.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes remove the 'Submit' button from a launch form.
  • When an App is deleted it is now immediately removed from the home page and nagivation bar without a browser refresh.
  • Fixed an issue with text wrapping when an HTML Field was used in a customized relation panel.
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