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Release Notes - July 2018

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App Creator Features

As an App Creator, you now have the ability to trigger a calculation on a single transaction. A new action called "Recalculate Single Transaction"

As an App Creator, you can now filter on the apps page to quickly find the app you are looking for. The Filter field is located on the left hand side of the navigation page.

As an App Creator, using the React Advanced Designer, you can now view the list of Buttons in the order they appear. Also, you can drag and drop a button to determine the order.

When configuring liquid using the liquid preview editor, you now have the ability to filter on your previewed items.

When using HealthCheck, you will now receive warnings when Inherited Roles are misconfigured.

As an App Creator, when a data view is being used in an app panel, we no longer allow you to delete that data view.

End User Improvements

As an end user, when launching a new window to enter a new record or when editing an existing record, the buttons on the bottom of the window stay fixed inside of the window. This makes sure the button is always readily available to click on.

While viewing the dashboard of an app, and choosing the field selector to add a new column to the dashboard, you can immediately group by that column if needed. You no longer have to add the column, save your change, reopen to group by that column.

When proxy approving on someone else's behalf, the dialog box now features radio buttons for the approval method. This selection used to be displayed as a drop down list. In addition, you can now add comments when proxy approving.

Resolved Issues

When saving an app, we no longer check to make sure a role that has been disabled is present on any tabs or associated with any phases.

When a user views the history of an atom, the user will now see more than 100 items of the transaction's history.

When dragging a Business Rule into a different category, we no longer change the order of the rules in that category.

When a new user navigating to an app dashboard for the first time, the default view will now load.

When you have a drop down list (ListCombo) filtered by a Checkbox, we now properly apply that filter to the list.

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