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Release Notes - Oct. 2019

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What's New: App Creator

  • App creators have some new options for configuring Phases in their apps.
  • Hide from Phase Picker: Check this box to prevent the Phase from appearing in the drop down menu of phases in a Record view page. Users will not be able to set the Record to this Phase manually. 

Note that if the Record does reach the Phase via automatic processes, users will see the Phase name; it's up to the App creator to make sure that doesn't happen if it's not wanted.

Label: Text entered here will display in the Record view page in place of the Phase's name. Note that this applies only to the display on the view page: the app dashboard grid column "Phase" will still display the name, and the Liquid variables {{ phase }} and {{ curr_state_name }} will still give the name as their output.

  • We've added buttons in the Liquid editor to help you insert commonly used tags.

Clicking one of the first three buttons here will place an expression of that type into the editor window. E.g.: click "If", get {% if %}true{% endif %}. Also, if you select some text in the editor window and then click that fourth button, we will surround your text with the Liquid output markers {{ }}.

  • You may also notice in the above a drop down labeled "Insert Field". We've removed the sidebar that showed the available variables (thus freeing up some space) and moved that list into this drop down menu instead. You can click on it to see the list of variables, and select one to have it inserted into the Source Editor above.
  • Update Transaction Actions that use the Field Updates objects now have more readable details in the Visualizer area of the Designer.

Resolved Issues: End User

  • Fixed an issue with Listcombo Fields that are set to require a minimum number of characters entered: it wasn't possible to clear them by hand.
  • Fixed an issue which completely prevented an email with an attachment of a blocked file type from landing. Now we allow the email to land, and just strip out the attachment.
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