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Release Notes - Mar. 2019

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What's New

  • System Administrators can now set their corporations to use an extra level of authentication by enabling Two-Factor Authentication for non SSO users. In Corporation Settings, on the Security tab, in the Password box, you can now check Enable Multi Factor Authentication. When this is on, you can't directly enter your password at the login screen. Instead, you enter an email address to which an email will be sent. Only after following the link in the email can you enter your password and log in.

  • Accounts are locked after too many failed login attempts in a row, for non SSO users. The number of allowed login attempts defaults to five but can be customized in the Corporation Settings. Previously, accounts would only unlock after a five minute period. Now there are four possible unlock strategies available:

    • Time – the account unlocks after a set period of time. This is still the default. The amount of time is now customizable: you can set it anywhere from one minute to one month.

    • Email – when an account is locked, an email is sent to its owner, with a link to follow that will unlock it. The link expires after an amount of time that can be set.

    • Both – an email is sent, but if the link is not used then the account will unlock on its own after a set period.

    • None – the user has no way of unlocking the account, and must contact system administrators.
  • It's now possible to show users a message and force them to confirm the operation before they are allowed to download various kinds of data, such as exporting a dashboard grid to a spreadsheet or downloading file attachments. The message is customizable by navigating to the Administration page, Corporation Settings, then the Data Exports tab.
  • Filters of the type Transaction Filter are no longer supported. Use Raw Transaction Filter instead.

  • In a future release, references to Fields that don't actually exist in an App will no longer be supported. For example, forcing a transaction to recalculate by doing an Update Transaction on it with Liquid parameters of dummy:dummy won't work. Health Check will now notice these references and alert you to them, so that you can fix this before we break it.
  • There's a cool new option for your App launch forms. Instead of a popup window, you can now have them display in a slide-out drawer. This reduces the need for scrolling, and gives dropdown boxes more room to stretch out. This is a corporation-wide setting navigate to the Administration page, Corporation Settings, then the Beta Features tab to enable it. 
  • You can now create a navigation link within a Suite to an App dashboard grid that has a View pre-loaded. Now every time a users accesses the App dashboard from a navigation item, it will always look the same

Resolved Issues

  • When you set the Filter in an Update Related Transaction(s) Action, you now see the list of Filters for the relation's target App, not the ones for the App you're in.

  • Fixed an issue with the Sync Data to Transactions Action that caused some transactions to be created with no Requester participant.
  • An editable grid now displays a validation warning for Fields of type TextArea and Combo, if the Field is set to be required but is empty.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented anonymous launch pages from loading unless capitalization of the portal title matched exactly. Now anonymous launch URL's are case insensitive.

  • The Debugger / Logger page is now responsive to the size change caused by opening the left-hand navigation drawer.
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