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Release Notes - Feb. 2019

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What's New

What's New: App Creator

  • HTMLfields now show Required checkbox in the Builder, and honor it when set.
  • The Generate Spreadsheet action now supports template names that include spaces.
  • Configuration for an "Approve and Next" button has a new option: Execute Business Logic Immediately.
    Execute business logic immediately.png
    When this box is checked, the approval given from the button no longer happens in the background. This means you won't be navigated to your next pending transaction until the business logic is finished processing. If there's a lot of business logic to do, that can degrade the user experience; it can speed things up overall, in cases where Onit's machinery for processing business logic in the background is under heavy load.
  • Anonymous launch links are no longer case sensitive.
  • Line charts and series chars now have control to add a rotation to the labels on the Suite bar chart widgets have long had a control to add a rotation to the labels on the x-axis. That function has now come to line charts and series charts too.

What's New: Admin

  • The system administration pages are now using the React UI. The Legacy UI version has been retired.

What's New: React UI

  • App panel grids can now be set as editable. On an editable grid, you can click a supported field type and change its data, without having to navigate to the view page for that transaction.
    Supported Field types:
    • Text
    • Email
    • Textarea
    • Combo
    • Checkbox
    • Currency
    • Multicurrency
    • Decimal
    • Integer
  • Administration options relating to iManage are now hidden by default. To unhide them, you can go to the administration pages, under Corporation Settings, in the Integrations tab (renamed from "Billing Integrations") and check the appropriate box.
  • Related atoms and sibling atoms App panels have a new control:
    Hide app panel checkbox.png
    When this box is checked, the App panel tab will only render if its grid would show at least one transaction, and will hide otherwise.
  • It's now possible to check the contents of a Field using Liquid, and show warnings or throw errors based on the contents. When you configure a UI Action, you can now create Field Validations, in a way similar to Field Updates.

    Field validations.png

  • Actions have a new "Copy" button.
    Action copy button.png
    If you want a new action that's similar to one which already exists, you can now start by copying the existing one.

  • Business Rules can now be copied.
  • Form Buttons, now only show you the "Message" field when you're actually creating a "Save and Go To Message" button.
  • In the Legacy UI Wizard, App creators aren't allowed to rename the required system fields of name, requester_name, and requester_email. The names of these fields are now non-editable in the React Wizard also.

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues: React UI

  • Fixed an issue where hidden conditions didn't respect the value of a Combo Field if that value wasn't one of the options in the drop down. 
  • Previously, in some cases of data corruption in a transaction's activity feed, we would show an error message popup but simply say "No activity". Now we display an error message in the activity feed itself, so that you know there might be activity there that is inaccessible.
  • Long change histories no longer break the App Changes grid in the Designer.
  • Users with App Creator permissions are no longer forbidden to view and edit an app's Settings page.
  • Users with App Creator permissions are no longer forbidden to view the App Changes history grid.
  • When you're configuring a Conditional Compound Action, the list of available Actions to use is now sorted alphabetically.
  • When you configure an inherited role, we now sort the list of available source Apps alphabetically.

Resolved Issues: Legacy UI

  • Fixed an issue with series charts using a number for the x-axis when one of the numbers was 0.
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