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  • Apps Receive Emails - Assigns an email address to the App and allows the App to receive emails via the email address, which then results in creation of a new atom. Find some more details in this tutorial.
  • Background Email Notifications - Email notifications will not show in the activity panel.
  • Badges  - Enables the use of badges in the App. See Using Badges to Enhance App Orchestration Visibility and Workflow for more information.
  • Buffered Layouts - Allows App to buffer load (i.e., preload) dashboard layouts for faster page load.
  • Launch Wizard in Drawer - When enabled this feature launches Apps in a side drawer instead of in a pop-up style.
  • Solution Packaging - This feature enables Solution Packaging. This feature is no longer considered beta.
  • Enable Process Builder from Advanced Designer - This feature enables launching Process Builder from within the Advanced Designer.
  • Enable Visual Form Builder from Advanced Designer - This feature enables launching the Visual Form Builder form within Advanced Designer.
  • Enable Outlook Plugin - Allows you to create Office Extensions, to support the Onit plugin in Outlook. See Configuring the ONIT Outlook Add-In 2.1.
  • Hide Business Logic Buttons in Advanced Designer - This setting hides the nodes in the Designer for Actions, Business Rules, Buttons, and Conditions, thereby forcing App creators to use Process Builder.
  • Preload Transaction Counts for App Panels- This setting preloads the number of Records (including Related Records and Sibling Records). Without this setting turned on the Record count will first display 0 and then update the count.
  • Color-Coded Suite visualizations - Allows you to force certain labels in pie charts to correspond to a given color. See Setting Colors.
  • Enable Translations - reveals the Language page in the admin section.
  • Advanced Visualizations - This feature enables suite-dashboard level filters. This feature requires Enable LPM Features to be enabled.
  • Enable Collapsible Atom Side Panels - Activity and Participant sections become collapsible.
  • Enable Cascading Combos - This feature lets an Admin define a hierarchy of Listcombos that all refer to one list.
    For example, a Listcombo hierarchy might look like the following: Area of Law > Matter Type > Matter Sub-Type. In this hierarchy lower levels hide automatically until the ones above them have a value. Similarly, lower levels are automatically filtered by all higher levels. 
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