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How to Create a Record via Email

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Did you know Onit Apps can directly receive emails? When you assign an App Email Address, your Onit App will create a new Record based off of incoming emails.

Turn on App Email Address Beta Feature

To assign an App Email Address you must turn on the App Email Address beta feature. Navigate to the Administration tab and click Corporation Settings.

Click on the Beta Features tab and check the App Receive Email checkbox. After checking the box click Update to save your changes.

App Configuration

With the beta feature turned on navigate to your App. Click on the Settings tab under the App Builder section.

Once in the App settings page scroll down to the Email section. You should see the App Email Address Field.

Before entering anything in this Field you need to be aware of two major gottchas.

  1. Once you enter a value in this Field and save it, the value CANNOT be changed.
  2. Your App MUST have an initial value in the Name Field or Onit will produce an error, because every Record has to have a name.

To assign an email address to your App enter a local address, this is often the name of your App; for example, 'legal-tools'. Onit will generate the rest of the email address.

'legal-tools' would become 'legal-tools@<your-domain>.app.onit.com'

The template looks like this: my-app-email @ <your-domain> .app.onit.com

Tip: To use this feature in a testing environment change:




Once you have assigned an email address to your App, it will now create a brand new Record in the App and attach the email to the activity panel. 

You can also have business logic trigger off of new Record creation. Here's an example that would use a Transaction Created and Email Received Business Rule:

  • Once a new Record is created, add a participant to the Record as a viewer.

Tip: Emails sent to the Record this way can also have attachments. They will be visible in the activity panel.

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