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Creating Admin Portals

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Admin portals allow App Creators to create an Onit hosted webpage. The portal page can allow users who are not logged into Onit to submit anonymous requests to various Apps, such as a Legal Service Request or a new Matter that needs legal review. The portal can also be used to host important links and contact information.

Creating a Portal

To create a new portal page navigate to the Administration page of your environment, then click on the Portals node.

Click the plus icon to create a new portal.

Populating the Apps drop-down property will automatically create a layout with a sidebar that has links to each App, like so:

To create a portal page as shown in the beginning of the article leave the Apps drop-down blank and place the following HTML in the Body source.

Tip: Simply pasting the HTML into the body will not work. To access the source textbox click into the body text box and choose Source from the toolbar.

Once you are done creating your portal click Save. To preview your portal click the View button next to the Save button.

Note: The preview button will not save your edits.

Linking to a Portal Page

The portal's link can be found by viewing the portal from the Administration page and copying the URL in the browser. The link will look similar to the following: 


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