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Common Onit Error Messages

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Below are the most common error messages encountered when building in Onit. This list will be expanded with new resolutions, so check back! 

Lock Not Granted. Try restarting the Record.

Two competing streams of work have attempted to update a Record at the same time. Examine all Business Rules and Actions affecting the Record(s) to make sure simultaneous edits are not taking place. Try placing sequential Actions in a CCA to prevent locking conditions.

Undefined method '<anything>' for true:TrueClass

A checkbox value is being set by a boolean and not a string. Checkboxes must always have their value set with the string 'true' or 'false'.

Undefined method '<anything>' for String

A multiselect Field value is not being set. Check Liquid calculated Fields and relationship Fields to ensure the value is being set correctly. 

Undefined method '<anything>' for nil:NilClass

A Field that is expected to have a value is being saved without a value. Check all calculated Fields and relationship Fields to ensure a value is being set. 

Undefined method 'iso_code' for nil:NilClass

A Multicurrency Field does not have required currency code. Set the appropriate currency code.

Undefined method `new’ for Calculator:Module

A calculated Field does not have a type (numeric/Liquid/multicurrency) selected. Select the appropriate type.

<Field Label> has already been taken

A Field with the same name already exists in the App. Try persisting the document with valid data or remove the Field's name uniqueness validators.

Validation failed: Account can't be blank, Account cannot contain special characters

Unique Field for incoming emails value is blank or contains special characters. Ensure the Field is being populated correctly.

An error has occurred fetching atom details: undefined method 'getlocal'

This error indicates there is a problem with a DateTime Field in the App, delete or repair the DateTime Field.

Undefined method 'read_attribute_for_serialization' for ...

Typically observed on launching an App, it blanks out the form (renders no Fields) and the above error is seen in the browser console (using dev tools).
Possible causes:

  1. Fields in a parent App and child App have the same name but different field type (usually multicurrency, currency).

    Fix: Either ensure that the Fields are not named the same in the parent and the child Apps or match the types of the fields in both the Apps.

  2. Multicurrency Field initial value set to a string.

    Fix: In the Advanced Designer, navigate to each multicurrency Dield and change the type (temporarily, without saving) to Text. Remove initial value, if present, and then set the type to Multicurrency again. Do this for each field where type is Multicurrency.
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