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Six Key Process Builder Terms

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Formerly known as a Business Rule, an Event determines when a Workflow will run.

Select an Event in the Navigation Panel to build a Workflow.

The Navigation Panel lists all Events that you've previously created. The panel allows you to create new Events. Select an Event on the panel to view it's Workflow Canvas.

Workflow Canvas

The Workflow Canvas is where you build your workflows. Select and item on the canvas to configure it within the Library Panel. Dragging and dropping is encouraged within the canvas.

Library Panel

The Library Panel changes based on the item selected in the Workflow Canvas. Use the Library Panel to drag-and-drop "Actions" and "Blocks" from the panel to the canvas.


A Block (in blue) is a container of other "Actions" and/or other Blocks. Using Blocks in your workflow will help keep everything readable and organized.


The Publish button lets you publish your collection of changes all at once. Each user has their own "unpublished" stash of changes only visible to them, allowing for easy workflow modeling between users.

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