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Corporation Settings

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Please refer to this tutorial on configuring global search in your environment.


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Enable spell checking on text areas: Enable spellchecking in HTML fields. Note: Suggested spelling corrections menu can be opened with ctrl + right click (Windows) or cmd + right click (Mac)

Beta Features

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Base Currency: The default currency for your environment. 

Spot Rate Provider: Spot rate list provider for your environemnt.


BillingPoint URL: BillingPoint URL associated with your environment.

BillingPoint Auth Token: BillingPoint Auth Token associated with your environment.


Authentication Strategy

For more information about authentication strategy options please refer to this tutorial on configuring an SSO integration. Additionally, refer to this tutorial on recommended security configuration.

Blacklist / Whitelist User IPs

  • Blacklisting an IP address or a range of IP addresses block access to the domain.
  • Whitelisting in this context should be used as an exception list. Whitelist an IP to allow an address through that has already been blacklisted.
  • Entering values in the Whitelisted fields DOES NOT automatically blacklist all other IPs.


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Data Export

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