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Onit System Limits

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This page lists various explicit limits that are enforced across the Onit platform.

Max Attachment File Size

An App’s Attachment Field allows users to upload files. These files cannot exceed 250 MB in size.

Max Export Size

The max export size is 1 GB.

Integration Dependencies

iManage: Integrations requiring iManage must be of version 10.1 and higher.

Supported LEDES Formats

Below are the supported Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) formats:

  • 98B
  • 98BI
  • XML 2.1

Excel Limits

When exporting Excel sheets from Onit, any single Excel sheet may not exceed 80,000 rows.

Generating Documents

The Generate Document Action cannot generate a document that is more than 200 pages.


When working with pagination, no more than 80,000 rows may be requested at one time. Valid limits on the maximum number of objects per page are between 1 and 80,000. Setting a limit of 0 (limit=0) is not allowed.

Supported Browsers

All Onit administrative/configuration pages (including an App's Advanced Designer Page) support:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 

Other browsers are not currently supported for these pages.

Mobile Devices

Onit solutions are not optimized for use on mobile devices.  However, Onit solutions are 100% accessible from mobile phones and tablets, Onit screens will re-size appropriately and a majority of the Onit functionality should work as expected via your mobile browser (Safari or Chrome).  Onit currently does not support nor repair issues specific to mobile browsers.

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