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How to Build a Workflow in Process Builder

by Christina Moore Updated on

In this tutorial we will build a workflow for submitting expense reports. This workflow will send the expense report to the employee's supervisor and HR manager for approval. If the report is over $10,000, it will also be sent to the CFO for approval.

Head to Process Builder

Navigate to the App where you would like to build and select Workflow Editor.

Create New Transaction Initiated Event

First, we will create a new Event. The type will be Transaction Initiated and name it Set Up New Expense Report. Once you are finished, click Save and Close.

Drag over a new Block

Once the new Event has been created, drag over a new block to begin creating the workflow. Name this new block Set Up New Expense Report.

Add Actions to Block

Drag-and-drop a new Action into your Block. Select New to create a new Action.

Create Assign Participant Action

Create an Assign Participant Action and name it Assign Supervisor. Fill in the email and choose App Configured from the Phase drop-down.

Create another Add Participant Action for the HR Manager.

Tip: You can copy and modify existing Actions.

Create a New Block for CFO Approval

Now we will create a new block to handle conditional CFO approval. Name this Block Amount > $10,000 and click Attach a Condition.

Fill in liquid to determine if the expense report exceeds $10,000.

Once your condition is finished click Save & Close to create the Block.

Create a new CFO Approval Action

Create another Assign Participant Action to assign the CFO. Create this Action inside the conditional Amount > $10,000 Block.

Publish your changes

Once you are done publish your changes by clicking the yellow Unpublished bubble next to your Event name. Process Builder will show you a list of all your unpublished changes. Add a comment and then click Publish.

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