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What is Process Builder

by Christina Moore Updated on

Process Builder is Onit's new, radically improved workflow-building interface. It is entirely visually-oriented, drag-drop friendly, and UX driven.

How Process Builder Will Help You

Build Like You Think

Process Builder is a visually-oriented, linearly organized workflow canvas, enabling you to build workflows from the top-down. Additionally, Process Builder is drag-and-drop friendly, build your workflow exactly how you visualize it.

Workflow Modeling

With Process Builder build first, publish later. Easily group related changes under the same "change comment" to bulk save your changes.

Less Configuration is Better than More

Process Builder helps you minimize redundant or duplicate Business Rules of the same type by keeping your configuration visible at all times.

Minimize Context Switching

Build (almost) anything from one configuration screen. No more switching tabs or losing your configuration.

Share Workflows with Non-Builders

Easily share configuration with your colleagues; zero training or technical proficiency is needed to understand workflows laid out in Process Builder.

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