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Creating a Shared Dashboard

by Christina Moore Updated on

Shared Dashboards allow users to view Records from multiple different Apps on one Dashboard. Shared Dashboards work best when the Apps have similar information such as Reminders and Tasks. In this tutorial we will create a Shared Dashboard with the Reminders and Tasks Apps.

It is important to note that Shared Dashboards are not a separate dashboard, instead one of the Apps (in this case Reminder) displays Records from both Apps.

Navigate to the Advanced Designer page of the Reminders App and choose Settings from the left-hand menu.

Choose the Tasks App from the Associated Apps dropdown. Then click Save.

Now when you navigate to the Reminders dashboard you will see Records from both the Reminders and Tasks App.

Note: Shared dashboards will display data from both Apps when they contain the same field_name (not display name), for example: status. Records from both Reminders and Tasks will have data in the Status column. If only one App, for example Tasks, has a department Field then the Department column would be blank for Reminders Records, since it does not contain that Field.

From here, you could create custom Data Views or User Views that display this metadata in different ways for the different Apps.

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