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OnitX CLM Summer Release 2023

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What's New

OnitX CLM Template Table Enhancements

Leverage Word formatting on a table

You are now able to apply formatting to a table inserted into a template using the table design functionality built into Word. 

Styling a table inside a template

When inserting tables, users now see highlighted data fields which will be inserted to a table so there is no confusion what’s going into your documents. Additionally fields chosen to populate the table are numbered so it is clear which fields comprise the table from left to right.

Conditional columns in a table

We have taken our popular conditional functionality from our Word Add-In and replicated this for table columns so users can set up data to be in table when it fits their organization’s needs. If conditions are met, tables will be generated with OnitX CLM data.

Naming and marking a table as read-only inside a template

Easily identify the tables you are working with by giving them names related to your documents or processes. Additionally, your table data will be protected by selecting to make a table read-only from the Word Add-In.

OnitX CLM Core Product Updates

Sending CC Emails

When sending contracts for review, users now have the ability to keep others informed by CC’ing them by identifying an existing user in OnitX CLM, the Other Party Contact or another email address. This does not apply to the Send for Signature workflow.

Not locking documents for general email

Documents sent to users via general email will no longer be locked inside OnitX CLM, so these documents can be opened and edited as needed.

Showing Other Party Contact when sending for signature

To make it easier to see which contact will receive a signing document, we have added the Other Party Contact Name with the Other Party information so there's no mistake who will be adding their signature when multiple parties are available. 

Exporting contract documents from the Documents app panel

Documents can now be exported and retrieved with ease by using the bulk export functionality on the contract's Documents app panel. Simply choose the documents to export, and they will be provided to users via a link in email. 

Document Generation performance improvements

Customers can take advantage of performance improvements by requesting to have their document generation abilities moved to a higher priority orchestration platform so their are less slowdowns when creating contract documents

Streamlined system architecture

Onit has refactored background processes to be more efficient in other areas like checking in documents from OnitX CLM and the OnitX CLM Word Add-In. This means less waiting and fewer process errors. 

Bugs fixed in this release

Document types now appear correctly when adding a document

We fixed a bug where the Document Types were not connected to the document field in the Document Types app.

Correct requester not getting assigned to amended contracts 

The requester on a contract is now correctly assigned as the requester in a newly amended contract.

Documents not sent to all Other Party Contacts added on Contract launch form

If multiple Other Party Contacts are added on launch form, the document is now sent for signature to all contacts. 

Known Issues

DocuSign Edit Signature functionality no longer working

Due to a change in the DocuSign API, the Edit Transaction functionality is no longer working. We are looking into this issue. For existing customers, we recommend you open a support ticket to hide the Edit button until this issue is resolved. 

DocuSign signed PDF extension duplicated in record filename

Once the signing process is complete, the signed document appears with "_signed.pdf.pdf" in the filename. There is no issue with opening the document, only the name is additionally appended.

Sporadic clause duplication when importing Third Party records

Upon import of third party contracts, there is sporadic issue causing clauses to get added to the newly created OnitX CLM record. 

Key Value Setting for clause insertion parameter issue

Incorrect data can be entered into the Key Value Setting parameter dictating the source for clause insertion, and clauses can still be added even if the environment is not correct. A red error with guidance is still shown when the data is not correct in the Key Value Setting, so this indicates there is an issue in the parameter. 

Document download link not generated when negotiated contract is sent for AI Review

Currently there is no download link to for viewing a contract sent for AI Review

Recently Viewed showing unexpected Template Library history

When a user goes to the Template Library, clicks an atom and then goes to Recently Viewed, another Template Library atom also appears in Recently Views.

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