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CLM Winter Release 2023

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What's New

SAP Ariba & OnitX CLM Integration: Phase 1

Users of OnitX CLM and SAP Ariba can now:

  • Synchronize supplier data from SAP Ariba to enable easy contract creation and management from within OnitX CLM.
  • Report on SAP Ariba procurement spend data directly in OnitX CLM using contract metadata stored in the OnitX platform or push that data into Ariba for monitoring via bi-directional data transfer.
  • Identify and assess contract risk by automatically tracking commitments, expiries, deviations, and other contract obligations in OnitX CLM or SAP Ariba.

DocuSign Enhancements

E-Witness Support

OnitX CLM now supports DocuSign witness functionality when signatures need to be verified by up to two additional witnesses per signer quickly which will accelerate agreement completions. When present, witnesses will be identified inside the status panel of the OnitX CLM record.

Certificate of Completion

Confidently review all facets of the DocuSign envelopes and have a log stored in CLM containing the important data related to the signature process.

OnitX CLM Word Add-in

Mark Clauses as Read-Only

As a follow-up from our last release, users are now allowed to securely markup contract documents.  This feature allows users to protect clauses from tampering by making them optionally read-only.  


Checked Out Documents

Users can now view the Checked Out visual indicator to determine if an associate, who works on a contract, has checked the document out.


Setting Clause Library for OnitX CLM or OnitX Catalyst for CLM (formerly Precedent)

OnitX CLM and OnitX Catalyst for CLM users can now easily set up which repository the clauses are being retrieved from to ensure the correct language is inserted into a contract.


Clause Usage Dashboard Updates

Users now have more insight into how clauses are being used in their contract portfolio. Reports were added so that users can quickly make decisions related to how much time is being spent updating clauses and which users in the organization are making the most changes to the Clause Library.

Approval Stamp on a Document

Users can now add an image to contracts allowing customers to quickly and confidently recognize that documents are approved and enforceable.


Resolved Issues

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