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OnitX CLM Spring Release 2024

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What's New

The OnitX CLM Spring Release for 2024 includes updated Catalyst AI-enabled integration and updates to table functionality in our OnitX CLM Word Add-In.

Available on Release

OnitX CLM Word Add-In Updates

Record Hyperlinks in the OnitX CLM Word Add-In

OnitX CLM is making it easier to get back to your contracts or templates from our Word Add-In. With this release we have added a hyperlink to the contract and template inside the Word Add-In so our users can jump between OnitX CLM and the document. 

Editing Template tables dynamically

In the OnitX CLM Word Add-in, we've made tables even easier to manage inside template records. Simply clicking the Add/Remove button enables user to choose the fields they want to insert or delete from a table. Previously the entire table would have to be recreated to update fields for the table. 

Arranging columns is now easier, too. Users can drag and drop columns to reorder them so the table is updated to meet their needs.

Configuration Required - May Require Services

OnitX CLM Updates

Comment section for email sender forms

A new comment text field allows users to provide specific details or information necessary for the recipient to complete their review without having to send a separate email or message to them

Risk Analysis Dashboard

A new widget has been added to the Risk Analysis dashboard in OnitX CLM for Average Risk of Executed contracts. This means users have an easier time understanding the average risk associated with their active contracts across the portfolio enabling data-driven decision making.

Another new widget shows risk score average across contract types so users get a quick view of the average risk in all contract types across the portfolio. 

Validating unique on Other Party Contact email addresses

When sending workflows for signature, OnitX CLM now validates an email address intended to be the recipient of a signature workflow cannot be added more than once so there is no duplication of parties in your contract portfolio.

Check In comments updates

When documents are checked in from various workflows, we now add more context around which service or process updated the latest version of a record in your CLM repository. This means its easier to understand the origin of your most up to date contract document versions.

Unlocking checked out documents

Many times, documents are locked when a user checks out a version making it frustrating to progress vital contract negotiations. OnitX CLM now allows system administrator-level users to manually unlock a checked out document. This is important for progressing contracts when time matters. 

Bugs Fixed

  • DocuSign Cancel Signature Transaction button works as expected
  • Cancelling an amended contract rolls original back to Activated phase
  • When a document with a clause modification (insertion, modify or delete) is checked in from the Word Add-In, then the clause history record will include all modifications
  • Back button on the External Review intake form is now working correctly
May Require License Fee and Services for Enablement

OnitX CLM & Catalyst Integration

OnitX CLM user credentials synced with Catalyst

Users can now see their OnitX CLM credentials populated in Catalyst so there's always visibility on who's utilizing Catalyst for Contracts reviews. Previously we were displaying a generic system email address, so this update provides better transparency into backend workflows.

Known Product Limitations 
  • Sporadically users will see duplicated Clause History records during from the Import Third Party Paper process
  • Sporadically the Cancel Signature Transaction button for DocuSign envelopes is not voiding some transactions
  • Amended and then cancelled contracts cannot be amended again
  • Changing the name of a condition in the new Condition Library can introduce issues in reusability, so we recommend not changing a name at this time; this will be addressed in a future OnitX CLM release
  • DocuSign Edit Signature functionality no longer working
  • DocuSign signed PDF extension is duplicated in the record's filename

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