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CLM Summer Release 2022

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What's New

OnitX CLM Word Add-In

Template Management

Ability to Insert a Table

The user can now select fields from a child app to be inserted as a table in a template and have that template act as a "repeat" table.  This means that it will view the appropriate child app and loop through all the atoms related to the contract record to create a table with a header row, inserted fields, and their values.

Ability to Manage Fields in a Table

When a table is created, the template administrator can manage the fields in the table by updating formatting of those individual fields through the control panel of the Add-In.


General Capabilities

Ability to Auto-Checkout a Document

An Add-In user can now automatically check-out a document to another user when the document is opened in the Add-In.

Ability to Add a New Record from the Home Page

An Add-In user can now add new records to the system directly from the home page, rather than navigating into the records page first.


Ability to Filter Search Results per App

An Add-In user can now filter search results on other fields other than “name”.  The available filters are set by an administrator in the Word Add-In Key Value Settings.  When configured, the filters are available to a user after conducting a search and clicking on a specific app for the search results.


Send for Signature Updates

General Enhancements

Ability to Show Only Users and Contacts that are “authorized” Signers on the Send for Signature Launch Form

A CLM user sending contracts for signature can now choose from filtered lists. The filtered lists contain only those users and contacts that are marked as “authorized” signers.  This eliminates the possibility of sending contracts for signature to individuals who are not authorized to sign.

AdobeSign Enhancements

Ability to Send Multiple Signing Documents in a Single Transaction

A CLM user that sends contracts for signature can now send more than one document from the contract record for signature.  Previously the user would have to send those documents in separate signature transactions.


Ability to Store the AdobeSign Audit Log on the Contract Record when the Transaction Completes

A CLM user can now view the AdobeSign audit log directly on the contract record. OnitX now uploads that file to the contract record once a transaction completes.  This feature must be turned on in the AdobeSign environment as there is no OnitX configuration/setting to enable it.


Reporting Updates

Cycle Time Reports and Dashboard

This dashboard and set of reports allow users to visualize the amount of time spent in various phases of the workflow.  Users can leverage these reports to gain insight into how much time various stages of the different contract types take and help identify bottlenecks in the processes.

A link to open Tableau reports called the Cycle Time Dashboard, inside CLM, will be available on the sidebar of the CLM Suite.


When the customer opens this link, the Cycle Time Dashboard launches inside CLM. This dashboard features six widgets which can be opened by clicking the green arrow found on each report widget thumbnail.


Average Time Spent Approving Agreements

This report shows the average time contract types spend in the Approval phase of CLM. Users can drill down into individual contract records grouped by Contract Types to understand why some contract types take longer than others to approve.


Contact Average Cycle Time by Phase

The purpose of this report is to show how long, on average, contract types are taking in phases. Users will gain insights on where they can improve cycle time over the entire life of the contract.


Average Time to Sign Agreements

Users can quickly understand trends with the average time to sign a contract, grouped by Contract Type.  This enables the user to determine why the signing process is time consuming.


Average Contract Cycle Time

This report provides a comprehensive view of how long different types of contracts are taking to complete, from creation to activation.


Agreements Untouched the Longest

Users that would like to action contracts which have not been touched in a week can quickly identify individual records to move forward.


Agreements Outstanding the Longest

This report will help users understand how long contracts are taking by visualizing all phases that a contract has stepped through, and the phase in which it currently resides to determine how to improve cycle time for open contracts.


Resolved Issues

  • Intake form for manually signing a signature.
  • Fixed broken Liquid configuration causing renewal alarm.
  • Fixed broken Suite navigation links.
  • Additional signers are still displayed if the signer type is Other Party Contact and signer name is removed.
  • Disallowing document checkout when it is checked out to another user.
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