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CLM Fall Release 2022

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What's New

DocuSign Enhancements

Sending Multiple Signing Documents for Signature in OnitX CLM

OnitX CLM users are now able to send up to five documents for signature in DocuSign, AdobeSign, or CLM’s native signature workflow to eliminate time spent on sending out multiple signature envelopes.



Resending Envelopes from CLM

If a reminder is needed to sign documents in an envelope, OnitX CLM now supports this. A new Resend Signature Notification button is now available to request a signature again.


Show Only Authorized Internal Signers in DocuSign Envelopes with Error Messaging

Users now have more control ensuring envelopes are sent to the right internal signers by specifying the right contacts inside their organization who have the authority to sign contracts.

SMS and Phone Multifactor Authentication

If multifactor authentication is required for signing DocuSign envelopes, OnitX CLM now supports this functionality. Users are now able to send codes, via email or phone call, to allow signers to validate their identities.


Risk Analysis Dashboard

OnitX CLM now displays risk data from Catalyst to provide insights into risks associated with the user’s contracts and highlights what type of issues cause the most risk so that remediation plans can be created ahead of time.

Template Testing Tool

Users can now preview the template, perform comparisons to existing templates, and verify the expected results are received without stepping through the entire template generation process.


Consolidate Word Add-In Updates

Tracking Fields & Reconciliation

Users can now use new buttons and navigation to mark text as a tracked field and select which OnitX CLM app to track that field against.


When utilizing Clause Reconciliation inside the OnitX CLM Word Add-In, users can now see how clauses have been modified so that an important language is not overlooked during negotiations.


User Experience for the OnitX CLM Word Add-In

Users can now see the Active Version on the OnitX CLM Word Add-In when viewing records with multiple documents, and confirm which document is up to date.


Clause Usage Dashboard

The latest Tableau Dashboard all about Clause Usage is now available. This dashboard allows users to identify which clauses are the hottest and most frequently used, and which clauses will be removed from contracts. Updates regarding reports to be added to this dashboard will be announced in future releases.


Resolved Issues

  • Users are not allowed to upload the same document for external review via the Manual Intake Form.
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