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OnitX CLM Spring Release 2023

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What's New

CLM Core Product Updates

Merging Documents in OnitX CLM

We have introduced the ability to merge two to five Word documents (.docx) together as a single .docx or .pdf.

Returning Documents from Review

We have introduced a new navigational Back button on the Document Return form. This will allow users to navigate back to a previous page if they had made an error or wish to revise the document to be returned.

eSignature Updates

New "Transaction Pending" phase

We have introduced a new phase into the “In Signatures” high phase called Transaction Pending. This phase will be used when a transaction was sent to DocuSign or AdobeSign, but the sender has not yet completed the transaction in the provider’s UI.

More signers on a signature workflow

The Send for Signature launch form now supports up to 10 signers for both DocuSign and AdobeSign. The manual signature workflow will also accommodate up to 10 signers as well.

Key Value Settings App Updates

We have rationalized and consolidated the Key Value Settings into groups based on functionality. Instead of dozens of separate Key Value Settings, we now have 9 groupings which can be updated. The groups are:

  • Preview Template Configuration
  • Reconciliation Settings
  • Catalyst Configuration
  • Table Configuration
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Create Record Configuration
  • Record Search Configuration
  • Activity Feed Configuration
  • Field Configuration

CLM Settings

We have added workflow toggles in CLM Settings to turn off or on the default workflows for Other Parties and Legal Entities

Forms Builder Migration

All apps in CLM have now been migrated to the new Forms Builder architecture. In future releases, we will optimize forms to improve performance.

Document Generation Service Updates

Ability to ignore comments on clauses

We have introduced the ability for document generation to ignore comments that were left in a clause or a template during a review process.

Ability to ignore non-Onit content controls

We have updated the document generation service with the ability to ignore content controls in the document that are not Onit’s controls. This allows our customers to have form fields in their templates.

Word Add-In Updates

Template Management - Condition Builder

We are now ignoring/disabling “smart quotes” which exist in Liquid when copying and pasting from another source.

We have added the ability for Liquid conditions created in the Condition Builder to be retained instead of going away after saving.

Field Properties

We are now giving the option to provide custom Liquid date formatting on date fields.

Segment Properties

We are now giving users the ability to name their segments. Simply navigate to a template and open the Control Panel to the Segment section to edit the name of the segment. Once saved, the updated name will be reflected in the segment’s content control in the template document.

Bugs Fixed

  • Clause History loop issue which caused it to run more times than needed
  • In AdobeSign, “Manage Signature Transaction” and “Cancel Signature Transaction” buttons are now hidden when a contract is in the “Transaction Pending” phase
  • In DocuSign, the "Resend Signature", “Manage Signature Transaction” and “Cancel Signature Transaction” buttons are now hidden when a contract is in “Transaction Pending” phase
  • DocuSign and AdobeSign workflows now revert back to the "Language Approved" phase upon cancellation
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