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CLM Fall Release 2020

by Christina Moore Updated

What's New

  • Contract Hierarchy auto-builds when a new contract is created in CLM and/or whenever any of the data elements in the grid columns change.
  • In Configuration Settings users can enable/disable the Template Approval Workflow (i.e, the OOTB workflow) and the Streamlined NDA Workflow.
  • The Recurrence Types "None" and "Event Driven" have been added for Obligation Management.
  • The following characters: ! @ # $ % ^ *( ) + = { } \ /< >, are no longer accepted in new template names.


Word Add-in Enhancements

  • After clause insertion, the add-in will navigate the user to the check out screen.
  • As a contract negotiator, users have the option to be navigated back to the clause library after insertion of a clause into the document.
  • Template administrators and contract negotiators will no be allowed to insert duplicate clauses into a single document.
  • Add-in now has the ability to compare 2 documents from within the add-in using the Compare Documents button.
  • Fields can now be marked as "Tracked" in the add-in.
  • "Tracked" changes from the add-in are actively synced back to the Contract record.
  • Clauses will be treated as their own paragraph when the rest of the paragraph is made of clauses that all have 'false' conditions.
  • Users are now able to search on special characters (e.g.,  é ü ñ ; : , and smart quotes)

Resolved Issues

  • Manual sign no longer generates duplicate PDF versions.
  • Streamlined executed contract no longer falls through phases.
  • The "Active Version Attachment" Field now consistently populates.
  • Template's named "Name" no longer have their name replaced by Liquid.
  • Contract Reconciliation launch form no longer errors on submission.
  • Login issue with Office 365 has been resolved.
  • Obligation dashboard pie chart widget now only shows parties with obligations associated to them.
  • Template link will no longer display on the Contract Template Types App dashboard if the template has been deleted.
  • Users deleted from the Contract App "Other Party Contacts" tab are correctly deleted from the Other party App "Contacts" tab.
  • The Field History App no longer creates duplicate fields in the template.
  • The Contract Admin will now receive an email that a new third party paper contract has been created.
  • Third party paper contracts now correctly change phases.
  • Fields at the end of a page now evaluate during Doc Gen.

Word Add-in Resolved Issues

  • User field is now visible after selecting cancel on reconciliation panel.
  • Contract Created date display bug has been fixed.
  • Creating a Contract Record with the NDA Workflow turned off will no longer produce duplicate documents.
  • Clauses with special characters in their name no longer prevent document generation.
  • Email notifications for external review contain the link to the edited document.
  • The '%' and '\' symbols no longer error out the add-in search bar.
  • The 'Document Compare' option will no longer display when there is only one document associated with the Record.
  • Raw HTML error on a failed Onit login has been replaced with a meaningful error message.
  • Errors specifying "No field history atom found" have been resolved.
  • The Obligation button hides on Template Type "Templates".
  • Invalid App Id's will produce helpful error messages on search.
  • Comments are now correctly removed post check-in.
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