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CLM Winter Release 2021

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What's New

Clause Extraction via AI

CLM users can now extract clauses from executed contracts uploaded through Store Executed Contract or Import Third Party Paper in CLM. This new functionality extracts relevant clauses out of a document through ExtractAI and stores the information in the CLM contract.

Simply initiate either request from the Quick Launch button on the CLM Suite dashboard, supply the required data and submit the request.

Once the AI process completes, the extracted clauses can be found via the “Clauses” tab in the CLM contract.

Repaper Project

The new Repaper Project app streamlines Bulk Amendments by allowing for CLM processes and workflows to be initiated for many contracts at once. CLM users can efficiently accomplish Repapering through a simple two-part process.

Part 1: Creating a Repaper Project

Users can create a Repaper Project based on their business needs for a given amendment process. For each Repaper Project, users have the option to specify a first workflow action and select a user or contact type to review or approve the new contract. Users have two options for Project Type when creating a Repaper Project:

Redline Document: Contract Documents are copied over to the new contract and the first PDF Contract Document is sent for AI Review through the selected Checklist.

Document Generation: New Contract Documents are generated from a selected template.

Part 2: Repaper Bulk Action

Users can initiate mass amendments from CLM by selecting contracts from the CLM dashboard and using the Bulk Action button. Once the required contracts are selected on the CLM grid dashboard, simply click the “Actions” dropdown button, click “Repaper”, click “OK” on the confirmation pop-up, select the Repaper Project from the Bulk Repaper Launch form and submit the request.

The Result: Repapered Contracts & First Workflow Kickoff

Once the Repaper process begins, new contracts are automatically created for each selected contract. Depending on the Repaper Project selected, the contract document is either generated from a template or copied over from the original contract and then sent for AI Review for redlining.

On each repapered contract, in the Contract Details tab there is a field for “Repaper” (with checkbox) and “Repaper Project”.

Once the Contract Document is generated or returned from AI Review, the First Workflow Action selected on the Repaper Project is automatically kicked off.

Users can view the status of the Repaper process by utilizing the CLM dashboard. Simply select the appropriate fields for the Repapering process and save it as a "View" so it is accessible when needed. Once the Repaper process is kicked off, users can see the new contracts that are generated by refreshing the dashboard. Users may further adjust the dashboard by using the filters for each field to suit their needs throughout the process, or once it is complete.

Consolidated Add-In

Onit CLM and Precedent AI users can now take advantage of a truly integrated user experience with the new CLM Connect+ReviewAI Add-In. With all the functionality of the Onit Connect Word Add-In and the added ability to leverage the AI Clause Library and Checklists, users can utilize both tools through one consistent solution in Microsoft Word. Users can manage their contract lifecycles more efficiently with a new look and experience, including improved navigation and updated search functionality.

AdobeSign Enhancements

New AdobeSign E-Signature Status Panel

Users leveraging AdobeSign for the e-signature process can now view the status of a signature transaction with the E-Signature Status panel that displays on CLM contracts. The panel displays the responsible parties on an AdobeSign envelope and which tasks sit with signing parties.

DocuSign Enhancements

Correct URL Page

Users now have reduced clicks when correcting an envelope for DocuSign. Previously, users were only directed to the “Edit” page from the link, and then had to navigate within the DocuSign UI in order to land on the “Correct” page. With this new option, when clicking the “Edit Signature Transaction” button, the URL that populates can navigate users to either the “Correct” or “Edit” page, based on their selection in CLM Settings.

Ability to turn off signing order

As a supplemental option to utilizing a signing order for signature transactions, CLM users with DocuSign can now send a request to all signers at once. Users can default to either option with a checkbox in CLM Settings, while maintaining the ability to select a different option on individual transactions as needed. When the “Use Signing Order” checkbox is unchecked, the Routing Order field will not display, and all recipients will receive the signature request at the same time.

Update DocuSign Sender UI on Send for Signature transaction

CLM users can now determine at the time of initiating a signature transaction whether they want to leverage the DocuSign UI or not. Previously there was as setting at the corporation level that was set for all transactions. A checkbox on the Send for Signature form now provides this option for each individual transaction. To the user’s preference, a checkbox in CLM Settings can also be utilized to set a default.

Supporting document selection updates on Send for Signature launch form

In addition to the existing ability to upload a new supporting document, users can now select from existing supporting documents during a Send for Signature transaction.

CLM Send for Signature Enhancements

Validating file types on the Send for Signature launch form

Users are now informed of which filetypes are valid as supporting documents with a tooltip on the Send for Signature launch form. If an incorrect filetype is uploaded, users will be met with an error message that provides the ability to return to the form with their inputs still intact and upload a correct filetype.

Contract document default selection on Send for Signature form

During a Send for Signature transaction, the first uploaded (or generated) Contract Document will now default in the Document field. Users can still select from a list of all documents in the contract, which displays alphabetically.

External Review Enhancements

Approve a document via External Review

CLM users can now approve documents that require no further changes during the External Review workflow. From either an email return or intake form External Review request, the step of attaching and sending back a document can be bypassed when it is not necessary for users. Once approved, the contract record will automatically move to the phase “Language Approved”.

Email Return: Users may simply reply to the email with the word “Approve” or “Approved”.

Intake Form: Users may simply click “No further changes requested” and submit the form.

CLM Workflow Update

CLM users will now be able to optimize phase metrics for contracts that did not fall under any previously existing phase category by mapping the following phases to a new High Phase “Inactive”. This phase will appear as the very last High Phase on the CLM contract phase widget.

  • Abandoned
  • Amended
  • Cancelled
  • Expired
  • Renewed
  • Terminated

Known Issues

Import Third Party Paper contract Paper Type not populating as “Third Party Paper”

  • When uploading an executed contract via Import Third Party Paper from the CLM Suite dashboard, the Paper Type on the contract record does not populate as “Third Party Paper”, but instead populates as “Our Paper”.


Multiple documents are generated for second attachment in CLM launch form

  • When Third Party Paper is selected on the CLM launch form and a Supporting Document is added on the CLM launch form (in addition to the required Contract Document), the supporting document is duplicated on the contract.


Sporadic issue: Field values are not being captured in CLM during Import Third Party Paper and Store Executed Contract

  • During data extraction for Import Third Party Paper and Store Executed Contract, field values are sometimes not being captured when it is expected.


Sporadic issue: CLM Connect+ReviewAI Add-In

  • The “Clause Library” icon is sometimes disappearing from the navigation bar.


CLM Connect+ReviewAI Add-In does not display the correct document version number

  • When opening any document version, the Document Details screen displays the most recent version number, instead of the document version that is open.
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