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Got questions? We've got answers! Browse through our frequently asked questions below.
Account Issues
How do I reset my password?
Click on 'Forgot Password' on the login page and follow the instructions. Link.
Catalyst Contract Review Product Features
Did the Product Change Names from ReviewAI?
The name of Precedent ReviewAI has been changed to Catalyst Contracts Review.
How do I use CatalystAI?
Refer to our user manual for a step-by-step guide and a 10 minute video. Link.
What Document Types Can We Process?
The document must be in a .docx format. Their are other considerations that you can find Here.
What is Risk?
The "Risk" is a score between 0 and 100 that indicates how close a contract is to your ideal version of that contract type in terms of riskiness. Find a short guide here.
How is Risk determined?
The risk level is figured out based on what's been discovered in the contract. Various issues are given different weights categorized as None, Low, Medium, and High.
Does Risk Change as you Work Through the Contract?
Right now, the Risk Score doesn't change as you work. It gives you a fixed score from the start. If you want to see a new score, just rerun the Checklist after you're done.
How do you Turn Off the Highlighting in the Contract?
To toggle highlighted text, simply click the button located beneath the Clause Library button. Once clicked, you can choose to deactivate the Purple or Red highlighting that may show up in the text. You can check that out Here
What languages does Catalyst Support?
For the Confidentiality skillset, we have released German, French and Portuguese as a Beta release. Next on our roadmap is Spanish for Confidentiality, followed by these same languages for the Procurement skillset.
Does Catalyst Contract Reviews Work in the Cloud?
No, you cannot use the online versions of Microsoft Word to run Catalyst.
Can Everyone Make Changes to the Clause Library or Checklist?
We are able to set permissions to only allow for Admins to make changes to the Playbook, Checklists, and Clause Library.
Why aren't My Issues Moving to Done?
To enable the AI to automatically mark items as "Done," you need to set that up in the Checklist. This can be accomplished within Playbook Manager, and you have the option to either do it independently or collaborate with us to get it done.
Can the AI Compare my Clauses with what is in the Contract?
As of now, the tool can't perform a Clause Comparison in this manner. However, you can navigate to your clause library, search for your standard language, and then compare it with what you locate in the contract.
Does Catalyst Dynamically Update Clauses?
At present, the tool doesn't automatically update clauses based on the context, like if the AI identifies you as the Discloser or the recipient. Instead, it will utilize the standard language as initially created and uploaded to your Clause Library.
Does Catalyst Learn from our Interactions?
No, Catalyst comes pre-trained with a wide range of legal concepts and details. You can provide feedback within Catalyst, which the AI team can review to improve the model's training in the future.
Playbook Manager Product Features
What Templates are Available?
We offer a variety of templates for Confidentiality, BAAs, Procurement, and more. Additionally, we have some templates in beta for Construction, Technology, Finance, and other areas. To check them all out, click on the "Create Checklist" button in Playbook Manager and select "Create from template."
What can you Customize?
You can personalize several aspects using Playbook Manager. This includes modifying Group and Issue titles, adjusting Issues Guidance and Details, adding in-app comments, and working with the Clause Library, among other options."
Is Catalyst GDPR Compliant?
If you need to fulfill these requirements, we can arrange your organization accordingly.
Onit CLM and Catalyst
How are Onit CLM and Catalyst Integrated?
There are a couple of ways to link them. Firstly, an automatic workflow can be set up to have a contract reviewed by the AI as soon as the record is made, or you can have a button to "Send for AI Review." Additionally, there's a combined add-in that lets you update the contract record and view all relevant details within Microsoft Word.
Are Catalyst and CLM Clause Libraries Connected?
Right now, the Clause Library in CLM and Catalyst aren't linked. This means it's possible to have clauses in one but not the other.
Catalyst Implementation
What is the Typical Implementation Process?
  • The Legal Engineer obtains the playbook or template documents.
  • Conduct training sessions for Playbook Owners.
  • The Legal Engineer drafts the Checklist.
  • Clients or Customers undertake testing and subsequently provide feedback.
  • The Legal Engineer makes necessary changes based on feedback.
  • Hold training sessions for end-users, followed by the Go-Live event.
Note: Our support team is always here to help if you can't find an answer Here!
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