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Creating a Support Ticket

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Welcome to the Precedent Family! Sometimes we need help with our new toys, and Precedent is here to help. Here is what the Support Portal will look like.

How to Submit a Ticket

1. Navigate to the Support Page.

2. Click on Submit a Ticket.

3. In the new window, you will have some things to fill out

  1. Requestor Name: Your Name
  2. Requestor Email: Your Email
  3. Onit Solution (The Precedent Solutions):
    1. AutomateNDA – Our Simplified NDA Legal Service Review
    2. Precedent ReviewAI – Our Checklist Smart Contract Reviewer
    3. Precedent ExtractAI – Our Post Contract AI tool
  4. Subject: Subject line for your Issue
  5. Description: Full description of the issue, with as much detail as possible. Also, any steps to reproduce the issues.

     f. Attachments – Upload up to 3 images/error messages

     g. Impact: How many people is this affecting, and is there a workaround

  1. Low – One user is affected, and there is a workaround
  2. Medium – More than One user, and there is a workaround
  3. High – More than One user is affected, and they can't do their job

     h. Urgency: How urgent is it?

          1. Low – This needs to be looked at soon.

               a. Some feedback for small changes, etc.

          2. Medium – This needs to be fixed as soon as possible

               a. Something is not working right, but you can still accomplish your work.

          3. High – This needs to be fixed now.

               a. Work can not be accomplished

*Please try not to select High and High, unless necessary, as this sends a Red Alert up the Onit Chain. Usually, High/High would be for numerous people on the team who can not complete their work, there is no workaround, and the job trying to be accomplished is time-sensitive.

     i. Submit – This will finalize the ticket

4. Once the Ticket is received, someone should be reaching out to you within 24 hours.

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