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Groups and Issues - What are they?

by Stoney Lowstetter Updated on

Issues are actionable items that can be ticked-off in your Checklists. These can be defined you and used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Legal issues
  • Reminders and tasks
  • Operational requirements
  • Contract summary


Creating Groups and Issues

Click on the Plus Sign on the bottom right to create Groups and Issues

Issues can be put together as Groups.

They can also be moved between Groups through drag and drop.

Issues can also be added directly to Groups using the Plus Button on the top right of the Group

Expanding and collapsing all Groups

Click the Expand and Collapse Button to expand or collapse all Groups

Ticking off Issues and Document References

Click the Check Box next to each Issue to mark them as done. Use theAll,To do and Done filters to keep track of completed items.

Document references( covered in the Adding detail to Issues section) can also be ticked off to mark you have reviewed them.

Marking things as Important

Issues and Groups can be marked as important by checking the Mark Important Button.

Click on the Important filter to see all your important issues

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