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Issues - The Details Page

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Every issue has a Details Page, that you can get to by hovering over it and clicking the Circled Arrow to the right of it.

Every Details Page will consist of three sections:

1.     Notes - Internal notes section for guidance or whatever you need to leave here.

2.     Positions - Fallback positions to help you quickly insert them into the contract.

3.     References - This is the clickable test that the AI will leave you. It will jump you straight to that part of the contract.

          a.     You are also able to add a reference yourself. Maybe you found some text relevant to the issue, or you want to leave a reference for someone to follow up with.

         b.     Highlight sections of the document and click the Plus Button to Add a Document Reference to it

              ***Click on the document for Word to take you to that section of the document

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