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The Clause Library

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Click on the Clause Library Icon access your Organisations Standardized clause language

Use the predefined filters to filter through your Favorites, Teams, and Personal clauses.

You can use the Search option to filter through clauses. Your clauses will have Tags / Keywords that are searchable.

These Keywords can be seen at the bottom of the Clause in the list view or below the Clause name in the detailed view.

In this example, searching for any of the highlighted words will show the highlighted Liability clause.

Guidance Notes can be seen in the detailed view of the Clause. These are notes from your playbook and can be anything you want them to be to guide the user when using the clause

Insert Clauses directly into your contract by pressing the Plus Button

You can also edit and create clauses from within ReviewAI:


  1. Once in the Clause Library find the clause that you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon to edit it.
  2. When you are finished click save.


  1. Once in the Clause Library, click the blue plus sign on the bottom.
  2. Fill in your fields:
    1. Clause Type - The type of clause you are creating
    2. Clause Name - Giving the clause a unique name
    3. Clause Text - This is the actual wording of the text
    4. Guidance - Any guidance notes you want to leave direction for whoever would be using the clause.
    5. Document Types: The type of contract you would use this clause on
    6. Keywords - a way to help filter and search for clauses
  3. Click Save
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