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Installing Catalyst Review - Checklist

by Stoney Lowstetter Updated on

Installation instructions

Follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1 - Create an account.

Go to https://author.app to create an account.

Log in and accept the invite to your organisation.


Step 2 - Install the ReviewAI Word Addin.


Open Word.

Go to the add-in store.

Click Insert > Add-ins > Get Add-ins


Search the add-in store for ReviewAI

Search for "ReviewAI" and click "ADD"



Launch the ReviewAI add-in.

Click on Word "Home" tab, then click the ReviewAI icon.

The ReviewAI sidebar will open.


Sign in to your ReviewAI using your account.

Enter your login details and select your Organisation or Click Sign in with Onit, if you have SSO setup.


After this you should be logged into your Organization and at the Home Screen.

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