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Rules & Actions and How to Configure Them

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Rules & Actions

Now that we have the Issue's foundation let's tell the AI what we need it to do. Click on the Issue, and in the far right column, click the tab for "AI Library."

This is where you can find the Concepts and Details for the AI and Document Searches. Concepts are legal concepts, such as Liability, Term, Governing Law, Force Majeure, etc., that the AI is trained to identify anywhere in a document. A detail is a specific piece of information like the length of a term (e.g., "two years")or the state of governing law (e.g., "Delaware").

  • Concepts will list all of the Concepts in the skillset you selected. Hover over the one you need and click "Create Rule."
  • The same applies to Details. Click "Create Rule" to add it to the Issue.

Configuring the Concepts and Details

First, we can make rules for if a Concept/Detail is "found" or "not found."

Concept/Detail Configuration: We have a few actions we can make the AI take with Concepts. What's great is that as we click these different actions, we can see them update in the Preview Tab of the far-right column.


  • Alert - These will be in Red, and it is just telling the AI to warn you that something is not matching your playbook. Such as liability is not met, or the notice period is shorter/longer than we want.
  • Pre-Check -  These will be in Blue, and it is telling the AI to let you know if something matches your playbook. Such as Governing law being correct, liability matching a certain number
  • Escalate - This relates to our CLM integration, which allows for an escalation to another team member if the AI finds something. Such as liability being over a certain amount, allowing for escalation to a specific finance member.
  • Add - This will have the AI insert some text into the document if something is "found" or "not found."
  • Replace - You can have the AI replace specific text if it's found. For example, if governing law is Texas, we can have the AI replace it with "Delaware" or "State of Delaware."
  • Delete - The AI can delete specific text if it is found. For example, we may not like Entire Agreements Clauses in our contracts, and we can have the AI remove them.
  • Comment - Sometimes, we want the AI to leave a message behind for the reviewer. So we can have the AI leave a comment on the subject that matches our playbook.

In-App comment: Leave quick notes and guidance that is viewable on the Issue without diving into the Details page

*Always make sure you hit "Done" after making your changes.

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