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Once in, you will see the home screen. You will see a few tabs to click on. The one you are looking for is Checklists (Beta), but let's describe the others real fast:

  1. Queue - Here, you will see all the reviews that your organization has run
  2. Batch Upload - This is the outdated Projects Tab.
  3. Projects - This is how you use our Extract AI Tool (only visible if you have ExtractAI).
  4. Workflows - Where you create automated reviews via email
  5. Checklists - The home for your organization's AI-assisted Checklists. You can Upload New, Update, Rename, Delete, and Download Checklists from here.
  6. Playbook Manager - This is where we need to be. Here you will find the Playbook Manager. You can Create, Edit, Duplicate, and Delete Checklists from this tab.
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