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Edit a Checklist

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The edit window for Playbook Manager will consist of four columns:

  1. Groups - Groups help you to organize your issues. Helping you keep things together by category, or however you feel you need to tailor your Checklist
  2. Issues - These are the items you need to check off every action item you need to work through a contract. Checking parties, governing law, purpose, liability limits, etc.
  3. Rules & Actions - This is how you tell the AI what you need it to do. Alert you to something, Leave a comment, delete or redline something, etc.
  4. Live Preview - Here, you will see what your Checklist will look like as you make it. See what each rule and action will show or do. You will also see two other tabs here:
    • AI Library - This contains the Concepts and Details for directing the AI
    • Clause Library - This is the home for all your organization's preferred language.

View Summary

You can also get a Summary of the Checklist with the View Summary button in the top right.

Here, you can see a summary of the Checklist, the specific Contract Details, and the AI rules used.

You may also view it without the AI Rules.

You may also get a downloadable PDF of either view. Making it easy to share with others, who may not need the tool, but would like to leave some feedback.

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