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Invoice Validation

by Christina Moore Updated May 20, 2020

After an invoice has been fully approved, it is highly recommended that you run validations against it, before the invoice is sent off for payment. For example, you may want to validate that the sum of all allocations equals 100%, or that the invoice maps to an Office Record that contains an Accounts Payable ID. While the specific validations that should be performed will vary from client to client, the primary goal is to catch any data issues that may prevent an Accounts Payable Team from actually paying the invoice.

The environment does not provide any pre-configured invoice validations – these must be configured into the Invoices App for each implementation. It is a best practice to run validations during the Approved Phase. When an invoice fails its validations, the invoice should be configured to move to the Held Phase, where notifications of missing data or errors should be sent out to the appropriate Participants, asking them to resolve any issues. In many cases you’ll want to add a Resubmit Button for end-users to click after they fix a “held” invoice (clicking this Button should re-run any validations).

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